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Nothing that I’ve experienced up to a few weeks ago could have convinced me that I would have met someone as special as Yennie.  Playing games on the computer over the last 10 years has been more or less how I spend my free time.  From 24 to 34, life has thrown me many curve-balls and I have experienced some very hard breakups with the ladies of my past.  Playing games on the computer has been on of the most reliable ways for me to ‘move on’.  It’s only been in the last couple years that I had finally decided on the type of person that I would like to share my time and life with.  The biggest problem was finding the lady that shares one of my biggest addictions, games.  I mean really, you can’t post an online personal and say that you are ‘into playing games’ because 99.9% of the woman on there are ‘tired of the games’ and want to meet serious men.  So what have my options been for looking for this elusive lady that shares my common interest?

My first online game was Everquest, and I had become good friends with many of the ladies on there but at that time, I didn’t know what I wanted in a woman, I was still searching for the sports illustrated model.  I did come to care for one of the woman in my guild who’s name was Lildaila, also the leader of my guild.  It never went farther than flirting and talking about our real-life problems, we did share pictures and she was definitely an attractive woman but such a thought at the time was beyond my thinking.

I stopped playing Everquest in 2003, cold turkey and my time was concentrated on work and exploring other hobbies.  Then Everquest2 came out and I decided to give it a try.  I started out alone, made some friends, and friends went away, until I met Obian, Aroc, and Aedilia.  A real friendship grew from our adventuring together.  Aroc disappeared as so many other had in the past, but Obian and Aedilia were still there.  They introduced me to Emach, Blaar, and Sadrith.  A guild was formed by Emach, Blaar, Sadrith, and a few others while at the same time Obian, Aedilia and myself were in Destiny but discussing the formation of our own guild.  One thing led to another and in a blink, the three of us had joined Emach’s guild, The Way.  This all leads to teamspeak and how it changed my way of playing online games.  Once in teamspeak, I met Imthe.  Imthe, I thought, was a pretty cool lady.  We flirted around, talked about our lives and whatnot, but I didn’t get a spark from her.  It was at this point that I realized that this might actually be a viable way to meet a lady.  Time passed as it does, and in comes an enigma of a gal named Yennie.  Without teamspeak she was quite the flirtacious one, she came across as a very aggressive person, very raw, both qualities I appreciate.  At first she was friendly with everyone else and I just kicked back and enjoyed the antics.  Then she got into teamspeak and I can still hear her voice ringing through the speakers the first time.  As the days passed by, her and I struck up conversation, flirted, and just had fun.  Then one friday night and then saturday night we found ourselves alone in teamspeak and talking for hours.  This is when I started to think, “Hmm, I think I like this lady.”  So I started to invest more time with her to see where things would go and it’s led me down one very nice road.  From the game a real relationship has developed.  Everyday I learn something new about her and she learns something new about me.  We share our addiction to games as she’s played a few, not just EQ, some that I’ve not played.  It’s definitely one of the common grounds we have but it’s developed into more.  I can say with certainty that I love her and she loves me.  We developed our relationship via intellect and personality, cut away the distractions involved with meeting up close and personal.  When it was time for us to share pictures, then the physical attraction set in, coupled with the already formed attraction we have between our hearts and minds.

Where will this lead? I don’t know, one day at a time.  For the first time I have a relationship where I’m not thinking about the end before the beginning even starts.  I’m thinking about the road we are both travelling right now, in the present, and taking the good with the bad as it comes but the most important being, enjoying our company and cherishing the time we spend together.

Soon we will meet in person and I can’t wait to actually set my eyes on her, smell her, touch her, and hear her voice in my ears without the digitized sound of a cell phone.  She is, mi amor.


~ by aeroslin on August 12, 2005.

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