Intelligent Design

If Soil represented Order, the Root would be Chaos.  Those people that tout intelligent design as an alternative to evolutionary science are truely idiots.  In their own quest to drive out atheism in science, they themselves reject the same God they propose to support.  “Life is far too complex to have been created by natural means.” That statement, as far as I understand THEIR version of ID, is the basic principle of the idea.  It is also the statement that rejects God, spits in His own face.  It is with haste and without thought that such statements are held onto as base.  See, GOD IS NATURE, GOD IS LIFE, GOD IS THE WHY OF IT ALL!  In Physics the equations that make everything work as it does, those are manifestations of God.  Evolution, the splitting of the cell, the interaction of the cell with it’s environment and it’s adaptation to it, that very DNA was indeed built from the combination of very complex natural processes which, over time, allowed it to survive and become what it is today, LIFE.  To neglect the fact that our human bodies are a part of the environment which we live, is to completely reject the natural environment that gave birth to you.  I believe that intelligent design is a valid way of thinking but the manifestations of that intelligence are far more symbiotic to everything.  God can and does go outside of the realm of the natural, that is HIS will to do so, not ours.  If E=MC^2, so be it, I cannot change it now can I?  I believe that miracles do happen, that sometimes something happens that goes outside of the natural way of things.  Sometimes those things can be explained eventually through scientific reasoning, sometimes those events cannot, it’s ambiguous to try to determine what does or does not fall into this area.

My whole point here is to say that those extremist religious fanatics have hijacked an ideology that I have believed in for some time and made it into something very ugly and very misrepresented.  God exists and manifests through nature a hundred-trillion times a second in the space of the head of a pin.  God is frankly above and beyond all concepts of human thinking, God is the WHY.


~ by aeroslin on May 13, 2006.

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