Evolved Aliens

Scientists say that the Universe is around 13.2 billion years old, that the Milky Way galaxy is approximately 14.5 billion years old (give or take 2 billion years) and that the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old.  Doing some quick math here and we come to the reasonable conclusion that Scientists don’t understand time very well.  Seems to me that time varies by scale.  I know that’s very simplistic but nevertheless how I envision it.  Anyway, evolution is all about time and how things change over time.  Whether it’s the formation of a galaxy to the formation of a molecule it’s time that passes by as these things occur.  The most beautiful concept I learned from cosmology is that if you cranked the speed up on the pictures you see of galaxies, you would see little points of light blinking in and out of existance regularly. Some of these blink really brightly, some do not, and all vary in their colors based on what they’re made of.  These are stars that do this, just like our own sun, over time our sun will explode and eject every little bit of you and I back into the hazy cloud that makes up our own Milky Way.  Over time, those little piece that are left will find themselves surrounding another sun, old or new and eventually leave our blueprint elsewhere to be born again as evolution pieces back together the building blocks that made us. 

The first stars, massive and hot, burned themselves out quickly but in the process combined the basic elements into more complex ones and threw those elements out into the wind to be gathered again and again into smaller stars and into even heavier and more complex elements.  Eventually, over time, the dust that fills the space in our galaxy becomes filled with exotic elements that find themselves in the midst of a newborn sun, like our own, and fall down upon a temperate planet, like earth.  And over time, under the best of conditions, the blueprints that were stored in a sliver of a rock or hidden deep within a giant snowball, are touched by the same energy that gave birth to them in the first place.  Those blueprints, by the billions, live again.  Evolution starts with the easiest, the plants, the insects, the single celled organisms and works it’s way upward in complexity as the more complex organisms require a more complex environment in which to survive in.  Again, over great spans of time this planet evolves into a lush place of life, until it’s parent, the sun, dies out and ejects us once again into the universe to begin the cycle over.  This, my friends, makes us Evolved Aliens.

Who knows, perhaps intelligent life does manage to overcome it’s desire to destroy itself and uses it’s intelligence for something like self preservation in the longest term.  Maybe we can figure out how to actually travel from star to star without being blasted into a chunk of dna to achieve it.  I think we can do it but I don’t think we’re even close to being near the possibility of the concept in this day and age but we are moving towards it.


~ by aeroslin on May 15, 2006.

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