Computer + Lightening = Funny Smell


Girlfriends computer survived Hurricane Katrina, Wilma, and countless storms since she bought it just over a year ago and of all days, yesterday, 1 stroke of lighting ended it all.  She swapped out the power supply to check to see if that was the problem and lo, it’s a deadun.  SHIT!  Had to of come in through the network as everything else powered up fine.  TV set, VCR, Monitor, printer, etc… all are just fine.  What really sucks is that she has a wireless network in her home, we had set it up to use the copper line because she was having problems getting a good connection in the game.  And to further the crappiness of it all, since her and I met, she’s put in a good 700 dollars into the system to upgrade the video and memory.  Ugh, I feel so bad.  Her sisters boyfriend is a computer tech so when he gets back in town he’s going to look at it and fix what he can.  I trust she’ll be up and running soon.
Bad news, good news…  The computer is fried.  A whole new computer was ordered from that is even better than the last by leaps and bounds and it’s not a dell so … WHEE!  Bad news is that it’s going to be a week and a half before the parts arrive and can be assembled, good news is that she’s going to stay at her mom’s for that time in order to get in her “Jim / EQ2” fix.

~ by aeroslin on May 16, 2006.

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