I tell ya, this week at work was the best.  I busted my ass doing what I do best, solving problems, implementation, planning, etc.  I can’t tell anyone just how fun working in a factory in the IT department has been.  There’s so much going on and the buzz of the lines moving product from beginning to end, it’s like life.  I worked in an office environment for 5 years after college.  I did fine there and managed to push my ideas on new things to try often enough.  My problem with that environment grew like a cancer, however.  “I hate stupid people” That’s my mantra I say everyday at least once, with cause.  Some people laugh at that idea but for me, it is the core of my personality.  I really do not like people that are not smart enough to see the answers that are right in front of them.  Working in the manufacturing environment, everyone is expected to have knowledge of what they are doing without having to always lean on someone else.  Being in that type of place was great for me and my personality flaw.

…well this blog is turning out like most of my short stories… a novel.

So, yesterday I busted my but, we migrated the old sql server data onto a new server and was working out bugs with the build-tracker system.  It was about 5pm, quitting time but I just couldn’t let one of the bugs go… but my boss came up behind me and asked me to come into his office.

They let me go.  See, something I forgot about in the moment of working hard, was that I was a contract employee that was hired in 2003 to oversee the IT for the liftgate line, a line that as of August 14th, ceased to be.  I thought the 14th was going to be the last day and prepared for it but they told me to stay and keep coming in, so I did.  I thought that as long as there is work for me to do, I would have a job.  Alas, that is not true.  My boss was a very cool guy.  He actually didn’t let me go yesterday but told me Friday would be my last day and so gave me the choice of coming in.  I chose to not go in.  To hurt, pride hurt, hope gone.

So there you have it, I am unemployed for the moment.  The contracting agency is on the ball, I hope.  They called me today to get my updated resume.  In the meantime, I will file for unemployment and join the massive amount of unemployed people in Lansing.

~ by aeroslin on September 1, 2006.

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