Ripping Music

One of the really nifty things I’ve found with My Space is the music section.  I’ve been able to find some of that really old school hiphop that was new back in 1984.  Grandmaster Flash, Fat Boys, Newcleus, Soul Sonic Force, Egyptian Lover, and tons more.  Usually these pages have some of the kick ass tunes that I used to listen to but for some reason cannot download them.  Here’s how I’ve got around this.

I use MusicMatch Jukebox but I can imagine any player that has the ability to record will do just fine.  On MMJB, I open up the recorder window and set the Source to the System Mixer.  I then type in the artist, album, and song info then click on Start Copy.  I switch over to the My Space player and click on play for the song I want and begin to record it.  When it’s done, I stop the copy.  Similarly this process can be used to rip CD’s that are otherwise, “Copy Protected”.  Anything that comes through your sound card can be recorded and for all intents and purposes, the quality is top notch.

This is the information that nobody wants you to know.  Copy Protection is a million dollar industry that takes nothing to defeat.

As for feeling bad about “stealing” these songs… fuck it, I forked over the money for these tunes years ago.  I’m just reclaiming them.


~ by aeroslin on September 30, 2006.

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