Blade of Darkness

I bought this game around 2001 and played through to the end only to find out that I missed some parts of the main quest and had to go back and get them.  At the time, the game was a little frustrating to play and it had taken me a while to get to the end part, or what I had THOUGHT was the end.  This game turned into the movie like The Ring.  Once I got to the final guy, I was like, wheew, it’s over… NOT!  In many aspects the game had just begun.

Let me explain how this game is very unique and worth playing.  If you’ve ever played games like Tekken, Street Fighter, Soul Caliber, etc… you understand how you have to hit a certain combination of keys in order to get special moves.  This game is the same way only it uses the WSAD key setup that all PC based FPS games utilize.  The one thing missing was strafing, as in this game you only strafed if you hit a certain key combo.  Something else that was unique is that you would lock onto an opponent, so if you were doing a one on one fight, you’d lock the other guy and then you could strafe side to side.  The camera could be either 1st or 3rd person.  1st person was the best as you could see from which area the attacks were going to be.  3rd person was most enjoyable as you could watch your guy do their special moves and really bash some skulls.  The only downfall that this game had, which you could get used to after the first couple levels, was the jittery camera.  Sometimes it was hard to avoid walls from pushing you off a ledge and there’s some areas where you have to have your timing on for jumping over stuff, like falling bridges.

Anyhow, I really have a respect for this game as it’s one of the very few which got me winded and scared.  When I finished the area which I THOUGHT was the ending, my heart was racing so fast that I had to just sit back and calm down.  I had almost no health left by the end of the fight and the battle was extremely difficult.  The only way to win was by utilizing the special moves.  Then when I saw the game wasn’t over, I was agast because it got way harder.

The guys that made the game aren’t around anymore, not sure why because this game was very awesome.  If you see it in the bargain bin somewhere, BUY THIS GAME.

The graphics don’t suck, the different monsters do become monotonous as it switched between undead and goblinkin often enough, but the boss monsters were unique.  And the boss monsters make themselves common at the end of the game.  The final guy was gigantic and took me literally 30 minutes to fight and beat.


~ by aeroslin on November 21, 2006.

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