Medal of Honor, Allied Assault

This is an old game.  I beat it once when it was new.
I have decided to go through some of my old games and re-beat them in order to cure the boredom of the days.  I remembered this game as being really immersive, really awesome.

This game sucks cock.  Huge sweaty stinky nasty donkey cock.  I can’t remember ever playing a more unrealistic piece of trash.  There’s a couple levels in this game that are so fucking stupid that it’s … it’s… I can’t even decribe how frustrating it is.  It defies logic.

Go into a room, kill the soldiers, turn your back, and get shot in the back because suddenly there’s more soldiers there.  Yeah, right, they were hiding in the corner or something.  The fuck they were.

Get all the way to the bottom of the base, set the explosives and the alarms go berzerk.  Ok, no problem.  However, you can’t just sit there and wait for the soldiers to all come down to you, no, you’ll run out of ammo before they stop because they never stop, they pile upon you infinitely.

There’s a level where you arrive at the enemy base with a bunch of Army soldiers in a boxcar.  Do you think they seek shelter? No, the walk out and get sniped, while you’re trying to kill the snipers, the keep getting shot and killed, why? Because there’s infinite snipers, you kill one, and one takes it’s place.  Or even better, you can shoot the fuckers straight up in the face and they don’t die.  Or you can shoot at them and hit a hidden barrier while they can shoot you.  I can’t believe I actually enjoyed that pile of shit game.

~ by aeroslin on November 21, 2006.

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