Creation humor

I wrote this a couple years ago.  It was something that just popped into my head one night before I went to bed and I had to write it down.
Must scratch this play in my head down, at least for the sake of humor.

In the Old Testament, someone noted, “A day to God is like a thousand to a man,”

God, being the inspiration for such a statement, smiles upon His servant.  The context of such a statement is clear to His servant.

Hundreds of years later, a crowd of idiots are born with the wisdom of an opossum stopping in the middle of a road watching the two pretty lights bear down on him.  This crowd of idiots come armed with abacus, slide rulers, calculators, and computers.  Because this crowd of idiots struggle so hard to grasp common sense they tend to take everything literally.

God, sitting on His throne, hears the echos of debate taking place between idiots with an incredulous look.  He turns to his son, Jesus, and Jesus just shakes his head, “Father, now do you understand when I said, ‘Why have you forsaken me?’ I really don’t know what’s worse, those that will never believe or those that take everything you say so literally.”

“Son,”, replied God, “That’s exactly the reason why I need you to help them.  They’re so smart sometimes, and some do listen and understand the truth of what I’ve spoke.  The scientists, for example, have the proof.  Darwin nailed it on the head for the most part, though he was still ignorant in the end.”  God sighed with a sad yet thoughtful look. He turns his ear to listening to man once more…

“No! Absolutely not. The universe was created in seven thousand years and that’s that.” Shouts a man wearing a white collar around his neck. “I don’t care what you think your science shows.  God said seven days and that one day is as a thousand to us.  Science doesn’t know anything.”

Tears run down Jesus’ face.  He’s not crying, he’s laughing.

~ by aeroslin on December 23, 2006.

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