Random Pondering

The population of the world grows at an astounding pace.  Based on current calculations I would assume that in the next few hundred years there’s going to be a serious lack of space for people to live, food to feed, jobs to work, and so on.  As I sit here and think of solutions to the over-population of the planet, I find some odd angles to think.  One is that due to humankinds natural tendency to destroy itself, eventually we will cull ourselves through murder and war, until the population becomes manageable again.  This is terrible to think about but probable.  Another solution is to puncture that veil we call Space and start learning how to live on other planets.  Being the geeky fella that I am I would hope for the later solution but forsee the former one.

Science can easily answer the purpose of the human brain.  The brain is a bundle of nerves which somehow store information, much like ram does on a computer.  Such a biological thing is pretty easy to understand but on a larger scale I ask, “Is the earth alive?”  The earth generates it’s own energy, it’s surface teems with life in every manner thinkable, life that is made up of cells, like our own brains, and are directly connected to the ground in which it depends.  Is it not possible then, that the earth is sentient?  Could the planet have the ability to think and to take action in it’s own way?  I think it is certainly possible.  I know I don’t draw a very clear path from the human brain to the earth being alive but I do believe that such a question is very valid.


~ by aeroslin on December 31, 2006.

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