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I posted this reply in a MySpace Newsgroup called MySpace Deists as a response to the topic of homosexuality:

I find it sadly amusing that this topic is brought up in this group and spoken of as SIN.

I believe the word is, and is still applicable to this day as, “abomination.”

As deism is based on the logic of nature, it goes without saying, that the human race would have been extinct a long time ago had males stuck with males and females stuck with females.  Therefore homosexuality goes against the nature of humankind.

Many scientists which study in detail, the ways and life of other beings which inhabit this planet, can certainly find proof of homosexuality in them as well.  I will not deny that it occurs, however, it is still a denial of the perpetuation of all beings.

A flower is asexual, it contains both male and female parts and it mates with itself through other creatures or processes.  May as well imagine that a flower could instead say, “I don’t wish to mate with myself anymore,” and choose to remove one half or the other of it’s reproduction system.

How about the reaction humans have against the neighbors friendly dog running over and humping your leg?  Are you accepting of that behavior?  I think not.

The problem I have with homosexuality is that it takes so much away from the concept of love and friendship among our fellows.  We then associate love and friendship with sex.  I don’t know about you but I was brought up to believe that friendship and love were far more important than sex.

A different perspective:  If I’m driving down the road in my old beater of a car and stop at a light and see the guy next to me driving a really nice, souped up BMW convertible, my instinct at the first is, “I want that”.  What prevents me from getting out of my car, pulling that guy out of his and driving away?  Reason and Logic.  I want that car real bad, hell I want that life, terribly so!  However, I deny that impulse because it’s wrong.  Not wrong due to some religious dogma but wrong because it’s against the kindness that I should be showing to others.

So, how do I view homosexuals?  I view them as violators of nature.  I view them with the same distaste as I do those that destroy the land we live upon.  The same as those that strip the earth bare of trees in order to make money without care of the consequences to the future.  Violators of the goodness of friendship and love.

It sounds like dogma doesn’t it?  It is not.  Murder and stealing are actions that are driven terribly by impulse and horribly by calculation.  What about rape?  Is rape not also an impulse that falls into the category of murder and theft?  Indeed it is.

To live in this world as we should, we all have to deny these impulses.

Sex, is an impulse only.  There is nothing of beauty in it.  It’s beauty is derived in it’s consequence, life.  The creation and birth of life is the Word of God in Nature, as the Deist believes.

I would be an irresponsible Deist if I disregarded knowledge that was given to me that would either prove or disprove my own perspective on something that I used reason to discern.  Recently I learned a bit about the brain, hypothalmus, peptides, and how it all relates to emotions.  The first thing to understand is that emotions are chemical reactions.  The second thing to know is that the brain works associatively, meaning, it doesn’t know anything except by association to something else.  For example, love, a very complicated emotion, is simply the association of certain emotions to specific situations that are then bundled together to be called, love.  If we build our notion of love on the soapy romance movie or novel, then we will quest in our lives, whether we know it or not, to fulfill that need to feel as if we were in a movie or novel.  I know that’s probably not a very good metaphor but it’s the best that I can do.  Since love is so complicated and made up of so many associations, it is easy to see how people’s perspective of what it is, can be so radically different from someone else.  If you really love something and then it is taken away from you, that is traumatic and is likely going to play a part in how a person views love in the future… as something that is taken away or goes away for any various reason.  What does all this have to do with my views on homosexuality? Well it has more to do with my second understanding about emotions. 

Substance abuse is a terrible thing for anyone to have to deal with.  Smoking is probably one of the most commonly known addictions in society, of course there are other addictions that have nothing to do with the intake of chemicals, gambling is one, obsessive compulsive disorder is another.  How about happiness or sorrow?  Those don’t really count as addictions, do they? Yes they do indeed count. 

Emotions, what are they?  Emotions are chemical reactions to the interpretations of the brain.  When we associate, in our brain, something that makes us happy, our brain tells a part of the body called the hypothalmus, to produce a happy chemical, called a peptide.  The hypothalmus is a chemical factory, much like a meth-lab, that combines certain amino acids together in order to create a peptide that stimulates the body in the way that the brain is expecting.  If the brain is interpreting sadness, then a peptide for sadness is created, and so on for all emotions.  To learn more about this process I have provided a well written article about how emotions affect learning, it details the process I’m explaining better than I could. (http://web.media.mit.edu/~reilly/nns/How_emotions_affect_learning.pdf)

The article linked mentions in passing the connection I make between addiction and emotion.  Those peptides are drugs, when we take drugs, we are seeking to artificially modify our state of emotion, when abused over time our body want-want-wants more of that peptide and when it doesn’t receive it, then it throws a tantrum which in turn are called withdrawl.  The same factors apply to every single peptide that our body creates naturally.  It is then easy to say that with all likelyhood that every single human being is an addict and sometimes slave to their emotions.  Myself included and without doubt.

Now, here’s where I may contradict my previous stand.  To most people, certain drugs produce the same or similar reactions in people, overall.  However, there are others that have different reactions altogether.  I’ll use myself for example, sometimes when seeing something bad happen to someone, I laugh, why? Is it because I’m sadistic? No, it’s likely because the peptide that was produced when I saw the terrible thing happen, caused my body to react physically by using laughter.  Some people may not agree but I know there are those out there that know exactly what I’m talking about.  I think this same lattice of association that the brain uses combined with the odd biochemical reaction to certain peptides can quite easily cause a man to look at a naked woman and have either no or a negative reaction to it.  I can comprehend the terrible consequences from trying to force the “man and woman” point of view onto this person which would cause them to, “hide in the closet” for as long as they could until they’re greatly humiliated in the presense of the life they have thought was right based on what society says is right but which is terribly wrong for them and only creates unhappiness for them.  So how does that person find peace inside themselves?  They find peace by doing what THEY know is right for themselves.  So now it appears
that the reasons I used to speak against homosexuality are now null and voided by this new knowledge.  I would say, Yes and No.  Thankfully, and all psychologists will agree, it is very possible to break the habit of feeling a certain way when dealing with certain situations, hell, that’s what Psychiatry is about.  I’m not saying that homosexuals are mentally disturbed, what I am saying is that it is possible to modify the way the body responds to situations by changing the associations that the brain has developed which will, in turn, change the peptide that the body is creating in order to produce positive results instead of negative.  Is it their responsibility to change their ways? No, not at all.  Nor do I expect anybody to do so, least of all due to my own point of view.

Impulsivness is very dangerous however.  Meaning, to do something that may or may not defy logic and reason based solely on an emotion.  It is frightening when someone looses their sense of the rational and is instead driven solely by their emotions.  Yet it happens more often than we would think.

Mankind is naturally curious, if you are not curious about something then you are 3/4 of the way into your grave.  So it also goes to say that being what my ex-girlfriend would call bi-curious, is also natural.  I could not sit here and say I’m telling the truth if I denied that.  However, nature quite clearly illustrates to us all what it expects from mankind in the way of sexuality.  When most men and woman have intercourse, *GASP*, a child is then conceived.  Sex is also used to answer the need for pleasure.  What is pleasure but another one of those complex emotions like love.  For me, sex doesn’t fill this need for pleasure like other things so.  I’m a creature dominated by my mind.


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