Ramble about War

It’s just too bad that the world governments are all in bed with each other in one way or another.  This means that nothing in the way of fairness could exist if two countries would like to throw down their gauntlets and fight each other.  I speak mainly of Iran and it’s desire to rattle swords and talk it’s shit and spread it’s lies against the USA.  Here is the USA, camped out comfortably in Iraq and in the Persian Gulf and, *gasp* in Afganistan.  Tactically we win, technologically we win.  Russia and China are the only two countries that could come close to beating us in a fight but despite the number of soldiers that China and Russia has, we have the technology to render entire countries helpless to our whim.  We have the technology to destroy armies before they could even fire a shot.  China’s idea of anti-satellite missiles was perhaps a good idea 20 years ago but it’s too late now.

Though now I understand their “good intentioned” bid to enter the space race.  They want to know where all our sats are.  There’s no doubt that much of our intelligence and technological might is based on clandestine satellites orbiting and geostationary about the earth.

I know I started with Iran but ended with China and that’s simply because if we were to start a fight with Iran, we’d end up fighting China and probably Russia as a result.  The deal with Iraq was nearly consentual among all the world powers, despite what anyone would think.  The attack on Iraq, that whole ‘shock and awe’ part was allowed by the opposing powers in order to study how we would do it.  Where the US has failed militarily is how to fight inside a city.  There’s far too many rabbit holes in a city to squash out all opposition.  Guerrila warfare is utterly damaging to any army.  Short of dropping several nukes inside a city and destroying every building and bunker, no city can be taken completely.

Wouldn’t it be so nice if war was like our RTS games where all you see are red dots showing where your enemy is? Yeah, would be nice but not possible unless you deem all life as hostile and kill everything.  Such mass-death and slaughter would include woman and children and who in their right mind would want that?

~ by aeroslin on January 23, 2007.

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