Caveman vs Nature

Posted: Jan 30, 2007 7:08 PM

Brian wrote:
I haven’t considered the idea that deism is at the root of all dogmatic religions. Could you expound on your thoughts about this please?

I wrote:
Which do you think came first:

Cavemen striving to survive their environment, or that caveman would strive to have power over other cavemen?

I think that anthropology would show that mankinds history wasn’t vs itself but was vs nature. The same nature that gave it birth constantly tried to kill it but through it’s own ability to learn it was able to dodge those bullets more and more. What part does god have in this? Simply put, a man, at the dawn of mankind, had no knowledge and so everything was magical to him. Nature plodded on in it’s own way independant of man. As mankind learned more and more, nature became less and less magical until that day when mankind decided that it was above natures grasp and began to contend with each other.

Now, I am no anthropologist, nor would I consider myself more knowledgeable than any layman in such a topic. I simply closed my eyes and stripped away time and tried to imagine based on what I do know of early man.

So what I’m saying is that mankind in it’s earliest days very likely viewed nature as god. Natural occurances as acts of god, and so on. Which are, the fundamentals of deism. Some might view this as a slanderous remark about those who call themselves deists but I say that it is so much more difficult now to reach this conclusion than it was at the dawn of mankind.

Now, if when religion was first born, it’s grandest purpose was to lead mankind to an inner peace with themselves, then I would call it a good thing and change it’s name to be called ‘a philosophy’ instead. Dogma are rules and I suppose that you could say that the statement, “dogmatic religion” is saying the same word twice but refers to those religions who’s rules were uttered by mankind, in reality through their claim of revelation from god. Three come to mind, christianity, islam, and judaism. I’m positive there are many more. Each of these religions carry the same philosophy that there is a God above all mankind. Nothing more. Anything after that is mankind’s assumptions about how mankind believes life should be. Each of these religions have sowed more seeds of hate, blood and death than of inner peace.

The most terrible part is that the world has filled with sheeple, those that don’t wish to contemplate anything and will do what they are told whether it defies logic or not. Those are the ones that justify the existance of such hate and death because they believe anything that’s fed to them as truth.

~ by aeroslin on January 31, 2007.

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