The War of Three Saviors

Tabitha wrote:
My friend brought up a good point. I have know idea if it is in the bible or not, but being raised Catholic, I was taught that if someone hits you, you should turn the other cheek. That is what ‘Jesus’ would do. So, why are so many Christians pro war? Are they going to change that out the bible if it’s there, as well? The have changed so much out the bible it’s pathetic really. Christians want to retain the peace by killing terrorists, which isn’t helping, it is causing a civil war. Why is Jesus praised so much by the Christians, yet he is a Jew? Why don’t Jews acknowlege him as their savior as well? It just seems too chaotic and fishy.

I wrote:
If you read the new testament, the first four books, which deal with what Jesus said and did, you will first come to understand that the Pharisee’s did not like Jesus. You will also come to realize that Jesus does not like the Pharisee’s. The Pharisee’s represented a powerful sect of Judaism at the time of Jesus’s life. Judaism is the religion that makes a Jewish person, a Jewish person. Jesus was a jewish person but he did not agree with those who were in power of judaism at the time on how they treated the teachings and laws of the Torah. He called them hypocrites numerous times which angered them to the point of chasing him out of many cities. Jesus became an outlaw to Judaism and he knew that the day that he stepped foot into Jerusalem again, he would be killed. Doesn’t take a lot of foresight to know that.

Now, as for your other question about being pro-war? Well, as with all the religions that I know which have a “Savior” involved, that savior comes at the time when it seems that hell is about to erupt on earth. Wars, death, famine, disease, plagues, you name it, it’s happening. In Christianity, the words of Jesus spoke of this future, if briefly. In the Torah, it’s spoken of many times. Islam also has Jesus who in their stories will come first and proclaim who the real savior is. All during the worse time possible of war, death, famine, disease, plagues, blood, and all that. So, all of those religions down there in the middle east are all fighting for the same thing, the arrival of their savior and they will, not one of them, will stop until he arrives.

It is of course the purest insanity that exists on this planet. As a deist, and a person on this planet, I am deeply concerned with the outcome of all that death, not because of some savior coming but because I would rather not have my life erased by some crazy nutzoid christian/muslim/jew that decides to nuke a city in order to further his goals of what he believes is the 2nd coming of jesus or arrival of their messiah. The outcome of that war, ladies and gentlmen is not going to be some guy from the sky coming down and taking everyone away, the result is going to be the near destruction of this planet and possible extinction of the human race. That is true terror.

I see this post is right after my dignity post where I’m screaming about people living in fear.  I think my concerns in my arguement are far more valid than living my life in fear because of some stupid goddam mooninite magnetic LED bilboard.  I can be concerned and not be paranoid.  I think there’s a distinct difference.


~ by aeroslin on February 3, 2007.

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