More Bullshit

Ok, here’s some separated information that I would like to tie together because they should be.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says that there is “pretty good evidence” that Iran is involved with attacks on American troops in Iraq.

Now for a second think about this.  If Iran is sending in troops to attack our American soldiers, this would certainly be big news.  However, why is there only “pretty good evidence”?  That is easy, because the people who are attacking may or may not be from Iran.  These “maybe” soldiers aren’t wearing anything traditional, waving Iranian flags, wearing Iranian military outfits, driving Iranian military tanks/planes/vehicles, etc.  Are they from Iran?  Yeah probably, but that’s NOTHING NEW.

First I would like to establish that if there are Iranians involved with these attacks they are not likely directly associated with the Iranian military.  These people are more likely factional militants from Iran who have equipment left over from any of the wars that they have fought inside their own country and with Iraq.

Now comes the real kicker guys…  the USA also supports their own factional warfare group and it exists upon the very soil of our USA.  They are called Blackwater USA (  This group isn’t a division of our military, no, this is a privately owned corporation which has access to the same equipment that our own military does.  What in the hell is that all about?  I am so against the existance of this …thing…  This corporation pretty much gives anyone the ability to to represent the USA in whatever manor they please wherever they are in the world.  They have no need to obey the laws that have governed nations at war.  They are not a nation’s military, they are a corporate entity.  They are the United States version of Al-Qaeda, period.

So, it is first suspect that the Pentagon would announce that they, ‘have pretty good evidence’ to support their claims and hypocritical of them to cast any judgment upon it whether it is true or not.

So now I ask you, what right do we have to say anything?  None, so in essense all the shit you hear on the news about Iran’s involvment in Iraq, is not news but propaganda.  It’s meant to make you THINK there is a threat but there is no threat.  The greatest threat in the world is now on our very own soil.


~ by aeroslin on February 10, 2007.

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