Iraqi Solutions?

[QUOTE]Brian wrote:
I’m just curious how the people in this group believe the best way for our soldiers to win in Iraq. What strategies do you think would be most effective?[/QUOTE]

If you look at the power of the free press and it’s influence in world politics in the mid 1700’s (America, England, France), you will see a vast amount of intellect come to the surface.  It was through that base of intellect and the free flow of information and opinion that bolstered the populace and led them to sack the existing government/monarchy.  That is part of the problem in Iraq.  Democracy cannot be spread or forced by anyone.  So far, what we represent there is another Dictatorship, the newly formed government is a dictatorship, it’s all they know.  That there is a problem there, there is no doubt but I have yet to see or hear any opinion from the general populace of a solution.  WE cannot solve their problems.  THEY must.  I believe there are people there and there is a forum already in place for these discussions but I also believe that nobody has bothered to tap that resource.  Where to look?  Universities.  The other problem and it is just as major is the attitude of the people about being right and wrong.  This isn’t just a problem in Iraq but a problem among just about every person I have ever encountered from the Middle East.  Instead of compromise, the attitude of, “My way or no way” is supreme.  That way of thinking must stop.  Additionally, religion gets in the way.  Combine that with the previous attitude and you see what you see on TV news, more death and fighting.

If our soldiers can do anything it would be to release the prisoned minds of the intellectuals, encourage public debate and freethinking but not with a gun.  Encourage the idea of compromise, not because “we say so” but because by doing so progress can be made.


~ by aeroslin on February 16, 2007.

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