Sara mentioned that I should write something about immigration in this country.  I said I would but it would take me some time to really chew on the issue in order to come out and say something worthwhile about it.  I have reached a point, I think, where I can begin to address the topic.

Think what you wish about the character of this person.  I am anti-social.  I have realized through continuous disappointment, that people are in general, stupid.  Therefore, I don’t like people.  If you can prove to me that you acknowledge the grey matter that sits between your ears as a useful and powerful tool, then I might like you, no matter what viewpoint you have.  However, until you prove that to me, you’re a stupid dupe of society.  That you read my rants and raving is a good sign that you might be open minded about things because I’m a very opinionated person.  I’m making these statements now, at the beginning because they are important to the core of my thinking about immigration.

First things first.  Money, say what you want, this country is run by money.  The bottom line is all that matters.  Social reform means shit.  Moral and ethical values mean shit.  What does this mean?  This is something that I was exposed to when I first got into computers in the early 90’s.  I read a lot of information that was being passed freely among those groups like Phrack and CDC.  There was also the 2600 group which played a huge part in propagating information concerning the illegal use of income tax and the irs along with the corruption of the federal reserve.  Once I read and understood what the big deal was, I was supportive of those efforts to force the government to come clean.  Of course, me, being one person, took on the defeatist attitude and just kept that as part of my fundamental feelings of angst towards our government.  A long time has passed since I’ve given the idea any thought.  Indeed, I’m guilty of my own hatred of ignorance by not doubting the events of 9/11 sooner, rather than later.  Now, I have come to my senses, especially with the literal MOUNTAINS of evidence that supports a plot even more nefarious and demonic than the one that was fed to all of the world.  That plot is directly related to that quiet little innocent and yet diabolical idea of the New World Order.  The evidence is overwhelming that that secret sect of rich and elite individuals orchestrated the whole thing for no other purpose but to seed fear into people so that the rights of individuals could be sacrificed for a greater and IMAGINED good.  This I believe as the key to it all.  That link will take you to the first video that began my search for truth.  The second place that has instilled me with even more dred but with a small piece of hope was from Aaron Russo.  Here is one more video of Aaron which actually frightened me.  Ok, so watch them or not.  What it all equates to concerning my viewpoint on immigration and the injustices that have already occurred of which Sara and I have discussed, is that nobody really cares.  The powers that be, those who are shaking up the opinions of the world concerning this particular topic care nothing for anyone but themselves.  President Bush started this thing concerning immigration in order to APPEAR that he’s doing something, which he is not.  The issue will be brushed under the rug.  Those people who are chasing down illegal immigrants have a short leash to which they can operate.  The big businesses of the world are more in control of the policy of the government than the few idealists who think it’s a huge problem.  Those that depend on cheap labor will make certain that they get it and that the USA doesn’t stop it.  In the meantime feathers will get ruffled in order to make a statement or two but the status quo will not change.  The federal reserve and the irs want more money.  To think that they will instill a policy that is going to remove those immigrants from the USA is stupid.  Oh no, they want amnesty for those that already live here.  Their stipulation is to make the people already here, pay a fine and go on with their lives.  Where does THAT money go and for what reason do they owe anything at all?  It will go into the pockets of those people who are in control of this country and that isn’t our government.  Then you have Bush spewing shit about building a wall to protect us from immigrants.  Ohh yeah!  That’s a great idea.  See, that ties up more government money and time, puts more people to work in the government on a project that will never happen, it’s what they call a porkbarrel issue.  It’s not serious at all, just the media makes it appear that way.

What do I think about immigration?  I agree with Sara.  These people are here to work the jobs that the conceited American people are too proud to do.  Even moreso, I support these people taking their money for themselves and sending it back to their families who may more than likely be in Mexico.  Anything which takes away from the illegal Federal Reserve is a good thing.  If you are an American and find it appalling that someone who doesn’t even live in this country is taking jobs from you, then you’re a blind fool walking backwards over a diving board above a pool with no water in it.

The more closely that I have studied American History over the last couple months, especially the years between 1776 and 1810, it is absolutely clear to me that the Federalists who were struggling so very strongly against the minds of Jefferson and Madison, did win over the side of true America.  The liberty which we fought for and won was lost shortly after 1810.  America died.  Since then we have lived in some other idealist, religiously influenced, monarchial style of totalitarianism.  Today, the USA is FASCISM, look up the word before you discount it as cooky or radical.  It is nothing more than the truth.

So my good friend, Sara, who migrated to this country from Nicaragua at the time the Sandinista’s came into power has walked into the same situation here but the evil wears a different mask then those of raping children physically, here we rape them mentally.  I’m sorry if my viewpoint seems shallow but it is my sincere opinion that those in power don’t give a shit about ruining people’s lives at a whim.  They do it for show only because they have no heart and because they can.  There is no rhyme or reason to their injustice.


~ by aeroslin on February 17, 2007.

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