What the fuck is my problem?

You want to know what my problem is?

Chemtrails, not Contrails that fill the sky.  I stumbled on this by accident via my YouTube experiences.  What made me watch the documentary about this is because I have seen these things in the sky as well.  My brain registered something not being right when I saw them the first time.  I specifically remember standing in the parking lot at work, staring at these trails crisscrossing the sky trying to figure out why they didn’t seem right.  I specifically recall thinking that they were trails coming from airplanes flying overhead but also refutting that idea as I watched a plane fly over with a normal Contrail.  I just couldn’t put my finger on it.  It was an abnormality of the sky.  See, that’s something I tend to always do when I walk outside and that is to look up at the clouds and the sky.  It’s a natural thing for me to do.

Aaron Russo’s movie America: Freedom to Fascism
You can watch the entire movie for free.  If you have about 2 hours to spare, I plead with you to watch it.  This is critical information that everyone needs to know and understand about the future of our country.  It all starts with a simple question:  Where does it say that the citizens of the USA are required to pay income tax on their wages?  Most ignorant people will say that the 16th amendment states you have to.  That is incorrect.  The 16th amendment does not exist as it was not even ratified by the States in the Union when it was proposed.  Instead the 16th amendment was added to the law in secret.  The Supreme Court, the court which has the final say above ALL other courts in the States has stated that the 16th amendment does not imply the existance of ANY NEW taxes upon the citizens of the USA.  All previous attempts for interest groups to impose this income tax had been repeatedly destroyed by the Supreme Court.  The income tax is unconstitutional and the Supreme Court supports this.  Most people don’t know this but many people have taken the IRS to task on this law since the IRS is rabid about getting it’s money, this leads to court cases and guess what, the IRS CANNOT PROVIDE PROOF OF ANY LAW REQUIRING YOU TO PAY INCOME TAX.  The law doesn’t exist.  In fact, concerning income tax, the IRS law books state the filing of your 1040’s as a VOLUNTARY submission, not a REQUIRED one.  Here’s something else that people don’t know.  The money you pay in income taxes DOES NOT go toward ANY government agency.  It goes directly into the pocket of the special interests that control the banks and ultimately, the Federal Reserve.  By not paying income tax is not removing or lessening the support of any governmental service which you may be using.  I’ll say it again, the money you pay in income tax does not go to ANY government agency.  Where does it go?  Go find out for yourself.  I am telling you the truth, I’m not conspiring or theorizing anything.  There are very few politians that are willing to touch this issue but the fact that there ARE PEOPLE in the position of power that recognize this dire concern are ready to do something about it.  If you take away the Federal Reserve, which is an unconstitutional, NON-GOVERNMENTALLY CONTROLLED business, all of the paper money become worthless.  This personally has been a dream of mine since the early 90’s when I first learned about it.  Do you fear the loss of this paper money?  Why would you?  Did you know that the dollar’s real value equates to about 4 cents?  did you know that the pennies you have collecting in a jar is worth 5 cents a piece?  The penny is worth more than a dollar.  Save your change at all costs.  When you can, aquire the new dollar coins.  When you can, buy the precious metals ASAP, the dollar is dying, with or without the Federal Reserve.  By holding on to those precious metals you can prevent yourself from coming to ruin because you will actually HAVE wealth and not an imaginary credit which is what the dollar bill represents.

What the fuck is LooseChange911 all about?
Loose Change 911 is about the blaring and obvious coverup that was done by the government in order to further the goal of taking away both the mind and freedom of Americans, nay, the World.  911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!  If you dispute this, then you have not even bothered to look at the explanation that the government has given you.  If you actually took the evidence that they feed you, the story they tell, you would know right off that there is something wrong with it.  Guess what happens to the victims of that event that have begged the government to answer their TO THIS DAY UNANSWERED questions, the government response in the same exact way they do when asked if there is any law stating that Americans should pay an income tax, they say nothing at all.  Only in this case, the government doctors step in and prescribe you with drugs and call you mentally unstable or even throw out that labeling called PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).  Same thing, you’re labelled mental and this serves to discredit your opinions.  Guess what, we’re not crazy, we’re PISSED OFF!  Everyone in America is a victim of that event and to have our government hide the truth and not answer legitimate questions is proof enough to me that we are under the control of Tyrants.  The fear that spread throughout the world on 9/11 was exactly the tool needed for the elitest society to take control of our minds.  Historically this is not a new idea people, this has happened before.  This is how religion works as well, by feeding off fear.

The one thing that all of these topics have in common is this:  When questions were brought forth in a kind, courteous, and proper manner to those officials who appear to have the ability to answer those questions, no answers were given, or the complete and total washing over of the questions as “irrelevant” and “all is as it should be” which is no answer at all.  In all of these cases, you will NOT see these issues projected by the big media corps in any other manner than of “nutjobs and conspiracy theorists”.  There is a reason why this is.  Those people who control the Federal Reserve and therefore the government are also in control of the big media corporations.  Some refer to this group as the Illuminati and I suppose if they were going to be labeled anything then that’s as good a word as any.  They are all associated with the secret society of Freemasonry, all associated with the Commitee on Foreign Relations, the World Trade Organization, and lastly, the United Nations.  It is an elite group of people which are trying to take control of the world and enslave everyone in the name of the New World Order.  They will stop at nothing to discount myself and any of those who are trying to become informed about it.  Thankfully, I believe that there are enough people now that support my points of view so as to create a minority of those who do not believe.  Eventually the majority of the country, you and me, are going to grab our government by the nuts and take control of it again as it should have been.  We really lost control of America in 1913, but even before then, as I said before in a different blog, it was when the Federalists finally took control of America in the early 1800’s that the ideals which America stood for, was given it’s first death blow.  Those with only a cursory knowledge of American history likely think of the Federalists as a benign group representing the birth of America.  In the beginning that was true.  The name came into disuse and was then hijacked by those who wished to create America into their o
wn belief.  John Adams was the first to suggest turning America back into a monarchy and if you think he was the only one with this self serving ideal then you are mistaken.  Thomas Jefferson went to war against these people, Thomas Paine warred against them as well and they all lost due to the growing monetary and religious influence that the Federalists had gained.  Those who have true power are not put into positions of implied power, they rule off to the side and since the early 1800’s this has been the case even to this day.

I believe in providence, that is, the intervention of God to promote myself to make a better choice.  In 1990, after I graduated from High School, I began to do what many other Americans do, go down to the recruiters office and sign up for the service.  I took my tests, did exceptionally well and offered an Officers position immediately after bootcamp.  The prospects of my future were very good at this point.  The day that I was to drive down to the station and get on the bus to leave, my car refused to start.  Try as I could, it would not start.  There had been zero reason for this to happen and after my window of opportunity had passed and without any other intervention, my car started running again.  There was no explanation for this and I wasn’t even religious at the time but such a thing was not lost to me.  I took that as an indication that had I left, I would have lost an even more important opportunity.  I’m a conscientious person, I’m intelligent.  I  have never taken an order to do something without considering what I was doing in the first place.  The military has no room for that attitude.  Now, I believe the reason why I was kept from that path was due to the need for me to assist in these problems that are now affecting us.  I think that I have been asleep for too long, the USA has been asleep for too long and it’s time to wake up and take control again.  I must believe it’s possible to do this because if I don’t then I have nothing else to believe in anymore.  Join the causes, please.  Look at them closely before discounting them.  All the truth is out there.

~ by aeroslin on February 18, 2007.

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