I like to rant.  This is a fact.  Often times I will rant about things which I know very little about but which I have formed quick opinions of.  Honestly, that I care enough to do so should mean something, whether I’m right or wrong.  If I’m wrong or have perceived something incorrectly, I don’t do so willingly.  I certainly enjoy having as much information as possible before starting a rant.  However, it’s more frequent that I find contrary information after I rant.  Sometimes this info shows my opinions to be blaringly wrong, and others are mere opinions which may or may not change my point of view.  I welcome corrections to my opinions.  I’m not so proud that I will refuse to listen to someone else, however, if you really want to prove me wrong, don’t bring your retarded fucking heresay arguments to me because that’s not enough.  If you have knowledge, that is, facts which you can show that prove me wrong, let me know but if you try to say, ‘because I said so,’ fuck off.  If you want to be constructive, make suggestions as to where I can find additional information.  I sincerely appreciate it and actively seek to learn.

Thank you for reading!


~ by aeroslin on February 24, 2007.

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