Ranting about Propagana

New Age Propaganda
Ok, I’m not a psychologist but I have to say that I’ve done my fair share of observing how the mind works to recognize manipulation when I do see it.  It’s that ability that has got me in trouble in relationships because I won’t be manipulated, period.  Now, what in one instant is a curse, in another is a blessing.  Since I’ve had the ability to think and observe, I have been able to sift through the propaganda which is called News, to interpret a clearer and less emotional story.  Through the ages of the writen word, lies have been told in order to bolster emotions in people.  Emotions are first human and secondly irrational.  The easiest way to manipulate humans is by tugging on their emotions and drive them into illogical conclusions or even for the soul purpose of misdirection.  Today’s media are some of the best spin doctors of our times.  Since the TV reaches most of the American people’s brains, it is ultimately the media which controls what you think.  Unless, of course, you have the talent of critical thinking.  Sadly, most people fail in the ability to critically think of anything more than the quantity and temperature of the beer in their fridge.  You people make really good sheep.  I have to tell you though, that the news you see on TV, is not the news you need to hear.  You hear about some slutty celebrity who shaves her head or how another one died of a drug overdose.  Then you here about TERROR, the ultimate propaganda tool.  You hear the spin doctors at work, trying to draw your attention from what really matters.  What matters?  That our government has been using terrorist tactics for over 5 decades in order to manipulate the rest of the world to it’s will.  You miss those stories where the richest and most elite people in America state that they need to lower the population of the world to better control the people.  I’m not making this shit up, all of this data is straight from the people in power, but not the stuff you’ll EVER hear about on TV, not ever.  When I got to work on 9-11-01 and heard about the attacks on the towers, first thought in my head was:  I’m not surprised.  It’s no wonder that back in 1999 my friend Shawn and I were watching PBS about the first attack on the WTC and we both said, “fuck dude, could you imagine what would happen if someone knocked those buildings down?”  These statements from two pot smokers watching PBS.  I also recall watching a PBS Frontline story on how the USA put Saddam Hussein into power.  It was a shameless admission of the facts.  Then I sit here and look through all the data corroborating terrorist acts in Iran to bring Iran to the state it is in now.  You know what Iran did to work the ire of the USA back then?  They didn’t want to play “get rich quick” with us, they had a different plan that didn’t include the USA (how dare them!).  You know why Iran hates us now?  Goddam, look at the history and how we fucked that country up a long time ago.  You will NEVER hear about that stuff on the TV, not even the History Channel.  Pair that lack of news with the spread of certain taboo concepts and words like “conspiracy theory”, “terror”, “al-quaeda”, “chemical weapons”, “WMD”, “muslim”, “Islam”, “extremist”, “insurgent”, and a fucking dictionary worth of propaganda words.  These words are used to manipulate your way of thinking.  If I say the word muslim, chances are someone will say terrorist; if I say WMD, you’ll think of Iraq.  It’s that easy to manipulate your ability to associate to the point where you begin to sterotype everything around you.  It’s not only the media and government that works this way, it’s your own family and public schools, friends, and society which works this way.  Every human being should be skeptical of what another person tells them.  You shouldn’t ever take the claims of one person automatically because there is ALWAYS another story that isn’t being told.  A long time ago I learned that.  I stopped taking what other people said as law and began to take what I knew and what I saw and ask questions and get answers.  So, to further my understanding of propaganda is movies.  Movies now carry a certain taboo to them.  Lets say that someone makes a movie, it’s fiction but the concepts are based on real world events and happenings.  Because the movie is fictional, it automatically discounts those real happenings as being, “bah, just the shit you’d see in a movie, not real” or “it’s just an over glamorization of a small idea, it means nothing”.  Two really good movies that I just finished watching were V for Vendetta and Syriana.  Both movies contained concepts of our real world as they are happening right now but because they’re in movies are automatically counted as bullshit.  It is conditioned thinking which would lead you to that.  The various concepts and ideas in both of these movies are more valid now than they were 20 years ago.  V for Vendetta was spooky but more like the road we’re on now due to the premises which Syriana contains.  Syriana ends badly.  The bad guys win, the good guy is assassinated by the USA.

When GWB said Axis of Evil and used it to refer to a group of people and called them Evil, my skin crawled because I knew, without a doubt that the person who makes the accusation is the one who is evil incarnate.  Tell me, what is the other name for, The Great Accuser?  Nobody ever hear of that term before?  Well it’s also the other name for the Father of Lies, Satan, and Lucifer.  I am no longer a religious person, I care not about the labels but I do hold to certain wisdoms and it is my belief that GWB is one of the biggest criminals and terrorists that has ever lived in America, next to Kissinger, Rockafeller, and Johnson.


~ by aeroslin on February 24, 2007.

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