Patterns Emerge

I’m beginning to see something of a pattern among the different ‘propaganda machines’ which surround so many different issues.  One such pattern deals with the global warming concepts.  What I see are extremes.  One side vs another side and while the extremes fight against each other, the real issues are overlooked.  Pollution is still very bad in the world.  There’s plenty of places around my town that are unsafe for humans to be around due to industrial waste and toxic pollution.  Instead what we see is a distraction from the real issues into something silly and obviously wrong but people buy into it.

Idiots can understand 1 vs 1 or good vs evil and it’s easy to market that type of concept but if you have a brain you will look at both sides then ask yourself what is really going on?  I’ve too often found myself jumping to conclusions too soon on something that I thought I understood only to find out that I was duped.  Now I look at all issues with the idea that someone is trying to make me look like a fool and I want to prevent it at all costs.  Going this route is both logical and reasonable but often not seen that way by those who are on the side of an issue.

Globalization is another idea that I’m worried about and have taken interest in.  I’ve read many articles on the NWO and how things like NAFTA are undermining the future of American freedoms.  I certainly see an acute abuse of power by our government officials and certainly believe that big corporations are doing their best to influence policy.  However, in order to stop this stuff from happening, something must be done about how big business operates.  Those who run a business will instantly see this as a violation of their own rights to run and operate a business.  How can we put a limit on that?  It’s a catch 22.  Or is it?

How about the idea that the rights of an individual has more priority over the rights of a business?  Sad indeed that such a thing would have to be explicitly defined but I think that it should be.  Corporations and Religion have evolved to become the same greedy, mind controlling, hoarding of power.  Though there wasn’t an explicit law about the seperation of church and state, it was implied from the start.  I think this same idea should also apply to businesses.

The beginning of this war between the government and business started at the beginning of America.  America was poor and needed money so it began to borrow money from bankers.  That’s it, right there.  As a result of the borrowing the bankers began to slowly slide their greedy little fingers into each and ever facet of our government.  This relationship has been going on for so long now that it’s impossible to tell which is which.  The bankers feel it is their right, now, to own the people under this government, that includes us peons at the bottom.

It is a double-edged sword which they hold, however.  It is easy to bury a bank into the dirt, pull your money out of it.  A bank without money is broke.  Then there’s other shady businesses which love to hold over your head the idea that without them, you are nothing.  If you’re not working then you’re nothing.  That’s not true however.  When you place business over your own life, you give business the means in which to control you.  You know who the winners are?  Small-business, ie, business who’s purpose is not to control others, not to absorb as much money and wealth as possible but those that wish to provide you with honest service.

…I will continue this topic in the future as it is a very large one.


~ by aeroslin on March 12, 2007.

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