Hall of Fame for Rappers (about time)

Grandmaster Flash and Mele Mel into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Here’s a quote from the article that I found interesting:

Today’s music is more stagnant — they’ve been doing the same thing, saying the same thing, for years. It’s not going anywhere. 50 Cent may be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame one day, but he won’t deserve it. All he did was just make records, and the records made money. He wasn’t as influential as Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five or Run-D.M.C., or Kurtis Blow or Public Enemy. These are the influential groups in hip-hop. That’s the bigger movement and the bigger story about what hip-hop is.

When I read that comment I was like, goddam right!  About the time that NWA and Easy E started rolling out their stuff I jumped off the ship of rap.  Every single artist that was mentioned previously were in my tape collection.  LL Cool J, Whodini, UTFO, Fat Boys, Egyptian Lover, Newcleus, Doug E Fresh, and oh so many more were the artists that deserve recognition next to Grandmaster Flash and Mele Mel.

My interest in music started with Rap around 1985, much to the chagrin of my parents and my sisters.  I really got into mixing and worshipped Jeff Mills (The Wizard on 98 WJLB).  I always felt that rap was the first thing that shaped me into an adult.  When I went from Rap to Punk rock it made sense, to me.  Both were about going against what everyone else thought was right.  A lot of the rap I listened to talked about having to fight against adversity, punk was the same way.  The music might have been different but the messages were the same.  Since the 90’s, I can’t really name anything that truely represents that feeling nowadays.  Now it’s all about the money, fame and fortune.  Perhaps as people reflect back on the real kings of the scene, a new break in innovation and ideas will occur and allow Rap to really grow up.  Who knows?  What I do know is that the youngsters now really have no idea of the background of their music.  Me, the white guy, schooling a 24 year old black kid on who the fuck Doug E Fresh is?  Yeah, sad isn’t it?

~ by aeroslin on March 13, 2007.

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