Providence led me to Freedom

I had my chance to join the armed services and fight in the first Iraq war… sounds like fun doesn’t it?  Not really.  Thankfully, my good friend providence made sure my ass stayed out of the armed services.  I think it would have been a bad idea for oh so many reasons, hindsight is wonderful in this case.  Could anyone envision me being a brainwashed brainless slave of the military?  Oh gawd no.  Instead I got to grow up in the life that exists as a result of our government supposedly staying out of everyone’s way.  It’s true that as one grows older their political views skew from one range to the other, sometimes quite drastically.  I do, without a doubt, recall thinking that socialism and communism were great ideas… thankfully I grew up to understand that the republic for which I stand is indeed the more perfect union and certainly worth fighting for and devoting my life to.  The problem is this, day by day the statements become more and more clouded.  That statement being this, I have unalienable rights as a human being in this country.  Rights are what we have and what we must remember.  Priviledge was granted to our elected officials and to those officials appointed by the formation of our constitutional government.  Priviledges are granted by the people, by those with the unalienable rights.  Rights cannot be taken away, rights are not granted.  Rights are worth fighting for, even to the blood and bone.  Freedom is not an easy path to take but it’s a path that providence has guided me to over these last 17 years.  Where our government has gone one way, I have gone another and I do not believe that I am alone in this teaching.  I am learning and studying all that I can in order to assert my RIGHTS as a HUMAN and those rights are going to clash with anyone who thinks that I have only priviledges granted by the government.  Wake up!

~ by aeroslin on March 18, 2007.

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