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Latest News from Menu Foods (Saturday March 24th, 2007)

Well, well, well.  It appears that Menu Foods has recalled ALL soft food products regardless of date code.  Wonder what this means?  I know what it means, it means that I’m filing my lawsuit against them tomorrow.

I have chronicled everything that happened and how it related to feeding my cat their goddam food and how it resulted in my having to euthanize him.  His kidneys were non functional, meaning greater than 70% and the vet even said it was likely more than 80% of his kidney functions had been destroyed.  Given the NONCHANGE of his creatnine and bun after 48 hours on an IV with a K/D diet, I’d say more like total failure had occured and it was only a matter of time before his other organs failed.  Now I KNOW I did the right thing by putting him down, there’s no mercy for putting him through a slow and painful death.  He deserved quick and hopefully painless euthanization.

Do you want to know exactly why I didn’t react initially to my first hearing about the recalled food?  Because I couldn’t even fathom the concept that the expensive food that I had been feeding my dearest friends was somehow involved.  I ignored it as well because of my trying to deal with the sorrow of loosing my best friend.  Finally, someone that I befriended on MySpace, via my YouTube videos, posted a myspace bulletin about the pet food.  I decided to look because my sister feeds her cats a mixture of hard and soft, Purina brand.  When I found Iams on the list I nearly fell out of my chair, followed by a panic attack.  From that point it was an easy link from the box of food I had just bought him and Silvus’ death.

~ by aeroslin on March 26, 2007.

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