New Job?

I’ve waited and waited for the right job to come along and I found it and applied to it and have been interviewed and given a formal offer.  I’m still waiting for the letter to arrive in the mail with the details of the offer and benefits but the salary part is very nice.  Finally getting that raise that I should have had 3 years ago.  I’ve taken my drug tests and physical, submitted my background check information and confirmation.  I should be ready to go and will hopefully be working in the next week or two.  Couldn’t have happened any sooner either as my unemployment benefits have been exhausted.  The really shitty thing about that is that I would have been able to support myself until I got paid but I had to donate an entire check towards my cat, Silvus, in order to pay the vet for his services.  All 626 dollars that I SHOULD have.  Gonna have to beg to borrow until I get my first check. 8(

Oh the place where I’ll be working is called Dakkota Integrated Systems.  A very nice plant, with a good group of people.  I’ll be on 2nd shift for now but will be pushing to get back on a 1st shift eventually.


~ by aeroslin on March 29, 2007.

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