I have a legitimate bitch here about this drug. I did a YouTube search on this name alone and found one article which claims that pseudoephedrine was responsible for the death of a man because of a meth addict. Might as well blame the universe for making the iron which made the steel which made the gun which killed his wife. I mean really if you want to root cause the issue, you may as well go back all the way in every manner possible.

My bitch about this right now has to do with the fact that all my life I have suffered from allergies. Nothing too serious, just your average hay-fever stuff in the fall and spring when the pollen and mold gets thick. Stuffy nose, headaches, scratchy throats and sometimes those symptoms have developed into sinus infections, pneumonia, and bronchitis but since I’ve quit smoking it hasn’t been as bad but nevertheless I still get the symptoms.

I loved how I could just run up to the local store and buy a family pack of Advil Cold and Sinus and never have to worry about those days when I would wake up with a real pounder of a headache. I could just pop 2-3 pills and wait for an hour and I’ll be all good. Now, I am limited to a box of 20 pills per month and if for some reason I don’t have a state id or drivers license then I will be suffering.

What about taking a different drug like claritin or phenylephrine? Well here’s the problem with those: They don’t work for me. It has something to do with how my body metabolizes those drugs which make them ineffective. Believe me, I have tried them many times over the years and the results are always the same. The headache might ease some but the congestion remains and hence the pressure in my head returns to being painful as the pain reliever wears off. Sometimes the pain is so strong that neither advil, excedrin, or tylenol have any effect whatsoever on the pain.

Also, in my self-medicating ways, I take 100mg of diphenhydramine a day usually about 2 hours before I go to bed. This serves two purposes. First, diphenhydramine is aka Benedryl, another allergy relief medication. Since I have been taking these pills the frequency of my bad allergies has lessened greatly from 4-5 times a year to perhaps 1-2 rough incidents. The second purpose of taking this drug is that it’s also the active ingredient in over the counter sleeping pills. I can buy a bottle of 64, 50mg pills for 6 bucks as opposed to buying a 24 pack of benedryl for 7-8 bucks. It’s economical to use the generic sleeping pills for everything. Yet, despite taking these pills daily, I still get the headaches and stuffy nose now and again.

Now that it is spring-time around here and the tree’s and plants are having happy sex and spurting pollen everywhere and generally making my life miserable. Thankfully, as I said, since I quite smoking my incidents are much less frequent as they used to be but I do still have them and it really burns me that I have to nearly sign my life away in order to buy this drug. When I have a headache and want relief, I want it NOW, not later, not after watching some lady type for 5 minutes on the computer, then tell me to sign some book and to confirm that I have not exceded my quota of 1 box a month. This type of thing really makes me want to punch someone in the face, especially when I’m in pain.

Then I have to ask, what are the direct results of this intrusive regulation? Ideally, this should be preventing meth from being made now. No more problem now, right? Wrong. Meth is still being made all over the place, kids are still dying from smoking the shit. The results are nil. I’m being discomforted for the sake of a regulation that has served no purpose. In fact the only purpose it has shown is to have me placed on some goddam list somewhere so the FBI or DEA can show what the fuck I have bought and when, where, and what I paid for it. It’s a goddam invasion of my privacy.

So, now, if I want to keep my privacy I have only a few options and all of them would place me on some list of suspects. First, I could steal it one way or another. Second I could order it online over country borders. Third, I could just go to a meth maker and ask them for some, I’m sure they’re not going to give a shit about who I am, nor care about 20 or so pills, which I’d gladly pay for.

The response I would expect from a retarded, brainwashed, anti-american, unschooled, reject is that, “if you’re not using it for illegal purposes then there shouldn’t be a problem.” My retort to you types is this, “Move your ass out of my country, you belong in China or North Korea where this behavior is expected and acceptible.”

The US government has no rights at all, only privledges granted to it by it’s citizens. This means that the government has no right to know who the fuck I am and why I’m buying a family pack of advil cold and sinus.

Here’s something for the sake of sarcasm: Why not tie the same regulatory hoop jumping and red tape to alcohol and cigarettes? I quit smoking and don’t drink alcohol so I wouldn’t be affected by this and I bet it would greatly lessen the underage drinking and smoking that already occurs all over America right now. Weigh the number of kids that are under 18 and smoke, weigh the number of kids that are under 21 and drink, then weigh the number of all people that make and smoke meth… I would bet my years salary that the first number of underage smokers alone tops the total number of meth users and makers in the world. Which problem is more epidemic? When you look at things in this mirror, you see just how hypocritical our government is to enact this stupid regulation against pseudoephedrine.

I know I’ve said it before, if not here then in another place but regulating pseudoephedrine because meth makers use it to make meth is the same as regulating the iron in the earth because it makes the steel which ultimately makes a gun which could shoot and kill someone.


~ by aeroslin on March 31, 2007.

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