New Job!

Ok, here’s the deal.  I located the high school diploma earlier today and faxed it to my recruiter.  I called her when I got home and confirmed she received it.  She then stated that she would call me as soon as she heard anything new.  Ok.  So, my allergies have been horrid this weekend and after I got off the phone, I went back to bed, this was around noon today.  I woke up around 4pm, finally getting more than 2 hours of sleep, to Omar calling me to ask for a ride to work.  I get dressed and give him a ride.  I checked the mail, expecting my offer letter today and there’s nothing in the mailbox.  I leave, and now I’m starting to think that I’m getting dicked around here and that Dakkota doesn’t want me anymore and is putting me off.  I leave, get Omar to work and then, on a whim, go home to see if I had any mail yet and sure enough, I had mail, no letter though.  I started setting it in my head that all the work I had done, the interview, etc, was just a dream or someone was pulling my leg.  Then I started thinking that due to some stupid mix up, I’m going to find out that I needed to go into work yesterday and that I was a no-call.  Those are the types of things that tend to happen to me.  Anyhow, after checking the mail, I checked my answering machine and found it had 2 messages on it.  I listen, it’s my recruiter, I had missed her by a few minutes.  I listened to the message and just shook my head.  I called her back to get the scoop.  She asked me if it would be possible for me to start tomorrow morning.  I threw up my hands in a small fit of frustration, then I consent to going in at 8am, tomorrow.  I found out at 5pm.  I leave the house and go back to my sisters place and hang out and tell my sister, Shannon, the story and chat with her all day.  I come home tonight at 11pm and find a certified envelope in the door from Dakkota.  Yippee!  FINALLY!  I read through it, it’s all in order and agreeable, my official start date is April 9th.  Tomorrow will likely be an orientation and training, hopefully not all day and hopefully not every day.  Now that I know when I’m starting officially, I would like to spend some additional time with the kids before I’m whisked off to oblivion and never see them again.  I hope I have that chance. 

Once I get into gear, working again, I expect it to be as fun as it was at Lear.  I certainly hope so.  The tour I took showed the place to be very similar to Lear.  I was really shocked at the number of IT people they have there and question the need for all of them.  If this position grants me access to a managerial position, I might just take it but we’ll just have to see how it all works out.

~ by aeroslin on April 3, 2007.

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