Belief-in-God Meter

The main problem with religion nowadays is that those who wish to teach and speak about it to those interested are teaching and force feeding it to the younger masses of people who are given no alternatives in which to consider.  Above I have posted a meter and this meter is what I consider the core of all faith.  All religions consist of one side of this meter to another.  What bothers me is that what the Christian pastors, the Jewish rabbi’s, or the Islamic imam’s will not tell you is that before you can even approach and begin to learn of thier individual faiths, you must become a deist first.  Failure to understand this definition will lead a person down a complicated and confusing path where one must accept only what is told to them and to not use their god given ability to reason and understand what is being taught.  In truth, if one first understands Deism, they will realize that nothing more is required of God.  At that point if a person wishes to persue an organized faith, they do so for their own enjoyment.  Deism isn’t pretty.  It’s not laced with ceremony or pomp.  It just is.  Even Christianity cannot deny there is a God and it’s not the one they call Jesus.  God is above all, higher than all, the top, the pinnacle of the Universe.  That’s Deism.

From this point I draw upon the danger of religion to those who lack knowledge.

I heard the echo of a philosophical statement that I may have heard from any source throughout my life and it goes as such: “In life, you only get what you put into it.”  I started to think about this statement and realized the danger it represented.  This statement sounds appealing but it is very wrong.  You only get out of life what life gives you and what you are willing to take.  You may put into life all your soul and get shit in return and what then?  A wasted life.  I have recently begun to study the surface of what is called Altruism and I’m finding it to be a rather frightening experience.  I’m not an Atheist but I’ve found some common ground among the Objectivist philosophy in it’s reference to Altruism.  Altruism is the selfless sacrifice a person makes for the betterment of another person without any hope of receiving anything in return.  Altruism asks that you never accept the joy that comes from accomplishment, it wants you to feel bad about receiving anything as you’re supposed to be sacrificing for the betterment of everyone else but yourself.  This is evil in it’s purest way.  It is not wrong to want to feel good about something you’ve done, it is natural to desire this.  Kindness is not evil, generosity is not evil when you have the ability to spare…


~ by aeroslin on April 20, 2007.

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