Metaphors of Life

I started to post this as a response to a thread in my Deism group but felt it was more a part of my own philosophy and explanation and probably too thick for the regulars in that group to handle.  I didn’t want to seem like I was dictating this or that about Deism which is easy to make it seem that way.
I’m not doing this in order for people to assume that I am wanting more people on my friends list or that I’m going for more views on my site.  It was simply a question which I began to answer which turned into a novel.

I do understand what you’re saying Freddie.  I’m kind of torn on the issue.  I don’t like the idea of making Deism a mainstream popularity contest but I think that the message you’ve mentioned is actually very important for others to hear and at least contemplate.

You don’t need religion in order to believe in God.

Keep It Simple Stupid – God

You want to know what God wants from you?  Nothing.  What does God expect from you?  Nothing.  Imagine that!  Stripping away your religion for a philosophy which demands only that you are who you are.  

Reason and Respect, what’s wrong with that?

Above are just some of the quick thoughts that people who are not Deists or even understand what Deism is should think about when they are troubled with the thoughts of God and being “religious”.  None of it is slanderous towards any religion.  

When people start seeking religion it’s because they feel lost and want to turn to something other than themselves in order to solve their problems.  It’s a harsh thing for me to say but it is my firm conviction that Christianity, all of it, teaches people to not accept responsibility for their own actions and problems.  It is for weak minded, weak willed people too afraid to accept their lot in life.  Life is tough and humans tend to make it double rough on each other.  Of course, you can’t say something like that to another person without having the threat of your own head chopped off.  However, if a person turns to you with a question about God or their search, the best thing to do is explain it like this:

Life is a journey.  Like walking through an apple orchard.  You walk down the rows of trees and sometimes an apple breaks free and knocks you on the head.  Sometimes you see the perfect apple just out of reach but you do everything you can until you get that apple.  Sometimes the wind blows and gives you a hint that an apple might fall on you any moment and you are in that instant prepared when it does.  This last part is what I refer to as providence.  Some times even though the hint is there, you aren’t really watching and therefore, get knocked in the head or perhaps you miss the hint because you’re distracted by something else and you miss getting hit.  It’s really hard to say when or where but you know for sure that on your journey in the apple orchard, you’re going to have an encounter with an apple.  The metaphor can be stretched and built upon; bad apples, good apples, fresh, sour, etc.  

What about God in this journey?  The orchard, the ground, the sky, the wind, your flesh and bones, all; these exist because of God.  The whole of the universe, bigger than most imagination, started by God.  Why?  Why not?  Why when you sleep, you awaken again?  You’re alive and a part of the whole universe that God created.

Me, I’m an analyst.  I see problems, analyze them, and try to solve them.  Deism has forced me to come to grips with many of my own faults and accept them for what they are and to stop blaming others for my own problems.   The only thing that seeking out the cause of a problem can do for you is to help you prevent from having that same problem strike at you again.


~ by aeroslin on April 27, 2007.

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