Goddam it all to hell!  Yes, I’m starting off like that today.  Over the weekend I tried messing around with my computer since I had picked up my new RAM and CPU.  I have 2.5 gigs of ram and an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ which is a 2.2 gig processor.  Now, I know it’s not dual core or core 2 or whatever the fuck they’re calling it, however, it was more and faster than what I had previously which was 1.8 ghz and 1.5 gigs o ram.  Yet, from the get-go this shit wants to be a pain in my ass.

I get everything installed and find out that when I put the 2, 1gig chips in slot 0 and 1, windows blue screens.  Ok, so I start swapping the memory around until I get it so that with a little bios changes, I get 2 gigs running at DDR400 3-3-3-8, 2T.  I checked my mobo manual and it stated that the AMD’s are not usually very stable with a 1T setting…. duh, no shit. BSOD BSOD BSOD… anyhow I get it all up and running and the system seems to be running well.  Not wanting to push it, I leave the 512meg chip to the side.  Now I start playtesting stuff and let me just say…. SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK.  Quake4 which ran awesome on the other setup, chugs along so slowly that it literally takes 5 minutes to load the saved level.  Thinking it was the game, I nearly played throwing stars with the CD’s into the wall but held myself back.  Ok, Supreme Commander!  That’s it!  Load it up and chug chug chug so badly that the game refused to actually load the maps.  Getting even to the point where I could start the campaign was a trial of clicking and popping and studdering.  This went on for over a week.  I didn’t do shit with the computer except play sudoku, blog, vblog, etc.  Nothing major.  Then on Saturday I was bored and decided to try again and try to narrow down the problem.  After playing around with the memory timings and not having them do shit I lay out a string of curses at the whole computer in general, which doesn’t stop for about 5 minutes.  I wanted to drop kick the fucker, smash it with a sledge-hammer, etc.  Well, all that cursing apparently had an affect on the system because, well, the bitch just died.  I had left the computer alone and turned off (as if turning the computer off was punishment) and played the PS2 (further neglect).  Couple hours later I come back in here and try again.  This time I decided to just add the 512 meg chip and see if that has any play on things.  I added it, rebooted, no change.  Then I start messing with the placement of the ram on the mobo and this was the last straw.  Windows blew up.  kaPOW!  Gone.  Even when I put everything back the way it was before didn’t matter.  Windows bluescreened every time.  Thinking that perhaps I had a hardware problem I brought out an old hard drive and began to install windows on it, clean.  I removed all the original hard drives and just had the cdrom and the spare drive.  I set the timing to 1T just for jokes and windows actually installed with it like that but locked at the end.  Ok, so 1T is forbidden.  Back on 2T it completes the install just fine.  After a few hours of dinkin around installing drivers, the system appeared very stable and happy at 2.2 ghz and 2.5 gigs of ram at DDR400 3-3-3-8, 2T, single-channel (single because the mobo doesn’t support dual)  I get ballzy and add the other drives back into the mix, and everything is fine.  Even the SATA drive picked itself up as the same drive letter from the other system.  After some additional installs, I decided to try Supreme Commander and whoa!  Rock on baby!  This bitch is workin now!  I never uninstalled SC because it was installed on the SATA drive so I just plugged it back in and ran the EXE and it ran perfectly.

So after all that ramble the conclusion I have come to is this.  That hard drive running XP has been running XP since November of 2003.  Since then I have updated the video card, mobo, ram, cpu, and added some hard drives.  When I installed the new mobo I thought for sure I’d have to reinstall windows but was happy when it booted up fine and found all the new hardware.  This was only an illusion.  Once I make sure the original drive has all my cruicial data off of it, I’m nuking it and will go through this whole install process again.  Before I do that though, I’m going to pick up a couple more 300 gig drives and backup all my cruicial stuff onto those and then leave them alone.

~ by aeroslin on April 30, 2007.

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