A long time ago in a marijuana hallucinated apartment (which was quite real) sat little old me.  Anorexic looking, scraggly hair, sitting on the edge of a chair with two sets of headphones on.  One connected to a boombox, the other connected to a Peavy amplifier.  On the other end of that Peavy was a Plum Crazy Purple Yamaha electric guitar with double octave frets and micro tuning knobs down at the bottom end of the guitar.  From the outside it looks peaceful and tranquil.  The acoustic sounds of the guitar going on and on.  But where the two headphones met, pure, unadulterated chaos made it’s home inside my pot filled head.  My eyes closed, all my being was inside that music.  For all intents and purposes I was a million miles away, in my own universe, jamming tunes to my own band called Megadeth.  No, I held no real delusions that I was in the band, only that I could play the tunes which filled me with such unbounded energy.  If one looked closely you’d see a wetness at the corner of my eye as I poured my soul into the playing.  My three favorite songs were Holy Wars, Tornado of Souls, and Lucretia, but pick any song from Rust in Peace and it was golden.  This I very much remember.  I had Countdown to Extinction which was a great album as well but not nearly as good as RIP.

So there you have it; a glimpse of my past and who I really am.

I’ve been jaded from performing, even on my own, for a few years now.  I wrote some songs a while back but I just don’t feel it like I used to.  I really do want that to change as I know that music is a very important part of who I am.  A part that I’ve pushed away for some reason.  I’m hoping that getting in touch with some of these old and wickedly awesome tunes will rejuvenate me and so far the results are good.  I didn’t last but a moment of listening to Holy Wars again before I picked up the guitar and tried like hell to play it… he he he, though it was bad, I can still chop to a 32’nd note easily, meaning that the beginning at least sounded right on.



~ by aeroslin on May 1, 2007.

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