After work, I’ve been going out to get something to eat before heading home.  At the same time, in my spare time I have been reading Piers Anthony’s book, “On a Pale Horse” which is, in short, about Death personified.  About the book, it’s satirical and sarcastic which for me equates to hilarious.  The whole story documents how this personification of Death goes about the world collecting the souls of those who are in balance between good and evil, for it is only those souls which garner the attention of the Incarnation.  Souls out of balance go either to heaven or hell.

So, when I went to the restarant last night and finished the book, the waitress asked me as I was paying for my food, what my book was about.  I couldn’t help but snicker when I told her,  “It’s about Death.”  I give her props for keeping a straight face.  I tried to give a better explanation and she did seem more interested than I had expected, though perhaps she was thinking to ID me in case I turned into some raving lunatic somewhere else, like that arse in Virginia did.

Well, I thought it was funny at least.

~ by aeroslin on May 4, 2007.

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