I certainly had an interesting weekend.  I find it really neat how the threads of life pull from one direction to another, seemingly independant of one another only to find that those certain strings were bringing about something made especially for you.  Had you not been in the position you were in, made the choices you had, you’d never have met that person and have what would have been a boring, typical evening, turn into something pleasantly adventurous and something to make you go, “Hmmm”

I’ve been looking to expand my horizons from the rotting place of my computer room to actually experience something else.  I’ve been a musician all my life and had put that to the side but of late, been playing a bit more and enjoying more about that part.  I’ve also been enjoying watching Val’s Art Diary on YouTube as she’s not just fun to watch but her art is interesting and her concept is great!  I’ve always liked art, especially acrylic type of art, though I do like water colors and pencils.  I like the acrylic because of the ability to create not just colors and designs but to actually add physical texture to a project.  I’ve never painted on canvas in my life but I’ve definitely been considering trying, slightly inspired by Val, and by the discussion I had this weekend with a new friend of mine, Crystal.

~ by aeroslin on May 8, 2007.

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