Nothing worse for a man who likes to tell stories than to have an ADD audience.  This, I’m finding, is a true and factual part of my own reality.  I am seeing this as a problem for me that must be solved.  I think I know how to solve this problem.  Tell better stories.  Stories that JUMP at people, make them keep their eyes on your own.  Leash the audience with my words and don’t allow them to think of anything but the story for my time is not cheap, my time is not infinite, my time is precious, my time is efficient, my time is mine and I want to share it with you but goddam it, you better listen.  I am being driven, I see, to new heights of creativity in order to be heard.  I see now that my words are fine and dandy but nobody wants to hear the words from my mouth anymore.  I have other ways of speaking and perhaps that is the only way to get the message out.  The language of the beat, the language of the melody, the language of the harmony.  The language of colors, of textures, of nature.

What will I do?

~ by aeroslin on May 8, 2007.

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