Next week it begins!

The last month I’ve been here at Dakkota I’ve been getting nickel and dime overtime.  Next week however, starts my massive OT schedule.  LGR will be doing a pilot of 10 hour days for 4 days on night shift only.  Now, since we here at Dakkota also serve GMC (aka 900 headliners) and GMC is still working standard 8’s x 5 a week with 1-2 shifts on Saturday, I also have to support them to.  That means by Thursday I’ll have my 40 hours plus 8 hours in OT already.  Then I’ll get my 8 on Friday, and likely 8 on Saturday since 900 seems to run Saturdays a lot.  That’s 64 hours of work a week, 24 hours of overtime.  So when I told my family that I was probably going to disappear from the face of the earth, that was not really an exaggeration.  It’s going to be hard for me to establish any kind of relationships with anyone which is something that I wouldn’t mind doing at this point in my life.  I’ll be making great money but not really be able to benefit from it.


~ by aeroslin on May 9, 2007.

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