Yellow-Sac Spiders

Here’s my blog of the day, Yellow-Sac Spiders.  I know most readers care very little about spiders except to see them quite dead at the bottom of a shoe-heel.  I’ll agree with most cases of that, especially in the case of THESE spiders.

Many argue on this topic but I’ve read opinions stating that the bite of these spiders is half as poisonous as that of the brown-recluse which is extremely terrible, painful, and permanently disfiguring.  I’ll not show you any pictures of what the recluse spider’s venom is capable of, just let it be known that the spot that was bit, will never again be normal if you don’t in fact loose that part of your body altogether.  Nasty nasty stuff.  So when I found out that these yellow-sac spiders were half as bad, I started looking it all up and sure enough, it may not be permanent damage but the effects last for weeks and are quite painful… though this is the worse case scenario for human-venom reactions.  Mostly the bites produce rashes or large swelled bumps which are painful but pass without harm.  The worse case are those who’s simply got a physiology that is succeptible to it.

I bring this up for one reason.  I have a shit load of these things living in my house and I kill every single one I can.  They’re mostly in my bathroom and my computer room, which is where I spend a lot of time.  I leave the house spiders alone and even had one as a pet briefly so it’s not a complete phobia of spiders, just a deeply seated dislike for being biten.  The house spiders stay in the corners, in the open, these yellow-sacs don’t.

The image below is what these fuckers look like and I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this has seen them at least once.  They’re very common in Michigan.


~ by aeroslin on May 11, 2007.

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