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The bulletin feature is sometimes nice.  I’ve seen some really funny things get posted but unfortunately, more often than not, shit gets posted.  You know the shit I’m talking about…

post this bulletin in 15 seconds or your entire life is going to get fucked up!
repost this bulletin and if you don’t then you hate life and suck cock…


The most recent one came from my sister and it’s just full of guilt induced comments about how the soldiers in our military that are fighting and killing people in a civil war that we have no right to be involved with, are somehow fighting for our right to freedom and all that bullshit.

Here’s the truth.  The government is destroying our military.  Freedom is already being eroded away in this country and there isn’t a goddam thing that the military can do about it.  The men and woman of the military are NOT FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOM OR YOUR RIGHT TO WEAR A SHIRT CONDEMNING WAR!  They are being systematically murdered by GWB and by a pride-filled Department of Defense that doesn’t know when to quit.  Your sons and daughters are being slaughtered for no reason.

My heart goes out to those soldiers who are watching Arab fight Arab and asking themselves, “What the FUCK am I doing here?!?!?!”  My heart goes out to those soldiers who have been tramatized by sensless acts of violence.  Though the Arabs are fighting each other in Iraq, you know they band together when it comes to killing Americans.  Why?  Because we have no business being there.

You know where the military should be right now?  Parked in Washington DC forcing our goddam government to return the power it has so wrongly stolen from the American people.  Who needs to be hung?  Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Gore, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, every single official appointed by the last 3 presidents.  Any government official that has sided with the idea of banishing the 2nd amendment and those who have chosen to, by the force of religious influences, enacted laws which censor our speech in any possible way.  Any official that believes that the internet should be censored needs to be hung.  The next target that our military should hunt and slaughter are the big media tycoons.  Yeah, they’re responsible for about 90% of the retardation of normal American citizens.  First rule of the TV – if you believe ANYTHING you see, you’re retarded.  Second rule of media – assume the story is a lie.  Just like when you’re talking to children… one kid has one version of a story, the other has another.  If you assume the lie and search for the truth, then you’ll have the truth.  If you assume the truth, see the first rule.

Here’s something strange indeed.  I typed out this blog last night and then later while I was visiting the Ron Paul group I found a link to a speech Paul did last night in the House of Representatives and it’s a pretty good reflection of what I said here:


~ by aeroslin on May 24, 2007.

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