I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until that goddam piece of shit company is out of business.

Their godfuckingdam paranoid license and key verification system turns legitimate purchasers of their fucking products into angry pissed off people sitting on a fucking phone trying to understand some Indian that barely speaks english trying to understand what the fuck “ispuchssofwarfstime” means.

Microsoft shoves that whole genuine advantage key label bullshit down everyone’s throat but beware if you have a laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has happened to me twice now.  My laptop hard drive died, i bought a new one and reinstalled windows from scratch as opposed to rebuilding from the image and the key on the bottom of the fucking laptop works just fine.  Then, when I go to “activate” the product it tells me my key is invalid.  FUCK YOU – IT IS NOT – this has happened again on a different laptop that a guy at work brought in for me to rebuild.  I installed the software, his key worked fine until activation and then I have to fight with the bitch on the phone to get it validated.

That’s the type of experience that makes me very happy about watching their shit gets stolen.  Fuck off Microsoft!

See, here is another thing.  I’m being legitimate about it, I’m using the proper keys for the proper product and for fucks-sake it should work but it doesn’t.  How does this make me want to continue to be legitimate?  There’s a 100 ways to rape Microsoft.  100 ways to spoof.  1000’s of keygens that will just crack it.  Why should I not use that stuff instead?

When will software companies realize that you can’t create theft proof software?

Is drinking water from a spring fed stream stealing from the local water company that uses the same source to sell you running water?  No, it’s not.  Just the same,  you can sell your software in a box but the second it gets out into the public forum, it’s just a part of the river.  Some people will buy it, some people will just drink from the stream.

One more thing:


~ by aeroslin on May 26, 2007.

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