Just Another Story

I know my ex would get on me about repeating myself as I’m prone to do.  I’m not sure why I do it.  I think I do it because I find different ways to tell the same story in order for the story to remain interesting.  There’s so many levels of intelligence that one story might identify with one person and skip over another.

This blog here is just another telling of a story that I’ve already told before.  It’s about how my political interests became “religious” before turning back to politics.

I can account my beginnings of wanting to understand more of America to my playing Eve-Online.  This game is very multi-cultural.  I had been participating in many conversations in the public rooms about the politics of the USA in relation to the rest of the world like Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.  I had found myself in a situation where the views on America were less than to be desired.  I also found myself being patted on the back by non Americans for not being “a typical American”.  In some of these conversations I brought up historic documents like, “Common Sense” and tossed out a paragraph or two without really knowing much about the author of this famous historical document_  In my quest to become less ignorant I bought a book at Barnes and Noble about Thomas Paine and found out right away that I really liked this author.  I read Common Sense after I read, “African Slavery in America” and was flabergasted at the abolishionist views that Paine put forth in 1793 (yes, nearly 70 years before the Civil War).  In short, that essay layed a lot of pressure and blame on the hypocrasy of Christianity which so many slave traders used to clear their conscience about the buying and selling of humans.  Another thing that impressed me about Paine was his devotion to America and it’s way of life.  Paine wasn’t American, he was English-born.  Paine befriended many an intellect such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.  He also made a few enemies, quite a few enemies in fact.

So up to this point I’ve learned about the two sides of the American way, the Republicans and the Federalists.  The Federalists saw America as a monarchial society.  The Federalists had money and power and tried to use it to change the Constitution right away but thankfully we were blessed with intellectual Republican Presidents like Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton who waged war against the Federalists desires to destroy the American way of life of freedom and liberty for all mankind.  These presidential heroes fought some of the toughest battles in American history and stuck to the principle that America was built on.  They sacrificed their pride, their reputations, their power, and their money to protect the citizens of our country in that time period.  The Federalists were balked at every turn.

Thomas Paine was also in the group of people to make sacrifices.  Paine was a radical thinker.  I think that in today’s terms he’s the Fat Mike, the Tommy Chong, the Ted Nugent, the Ron Paul of his time.  Paine never wrote about an issue that found popular approval, he wrote about issues and conditions that were obviously wrong.  Whether he did so on purpose by seeking out the issues that needed to be uncovered or whether it was providence that led him to those issues, nobody will ever know.  One thing is certain, Paine knew more about the future of America than anyone would give him credit for.

Now my story changes briefly to that of religion and philosophy.  Thomas Paine wrote another essay called, “Age of Reason” which introduced me to a philosophy of life that I had always felt existed but never had explained to me.  What that essay was about was the factual truth about revealed religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  The factual truth being that they’re all wrong.  That religion in general is wrong.  The common misconception is that Thomas Paine is an Atheist when that is very far from the truth.  Thomas Paine believed there was a God, he also believed that providence occured.  What Paine didn’t believe is that there was anybody on this earth that held any station other than being human.  All the priests, imams, rabbi’s of the world were misleading people about God.  He saw the histories of these religions and knew for certain that religion was just another stepping block for tyranny.

In all my studying of religion and following one faith or another, one thing has always remained the same.  I never believed that Jesus was God or savior to anyone.  This is why I always felt closer to Judasim.  My problem with Judaism was the stories about God were terrible.  The God of the Jews was a tyrant in the Bible.  I just couldn’t reconcile this to my growing knowledge about the Universe and the story it has to tell.  I fell away from studying religion when I turned to my 30’s and though I still believe in God, never attached myself to any “faith”, until I read “Age of Reason”.  What happened at that moment when I read the first few paragraphs of Age or Reason was, “WTF?!  This essay was wrote for me?”  Indeed, the entire thing spoke to me unlike anything else I’ve ever read.  It didn’t change my mind about anything but brought forth in fine clarity what I had always believed to be true.  God was real and the Universe was the fishbowl.  One didn’t require religion in order to believe in God.  It’s not God that has expectations for us, it’s other people.  It’s not God that wrote the rules which humanity lives by, it was humanity that wrote them.  Over thousands of years humankind has attributed falsely, so many injustices to God.  At first I felt sad about God, then I began to mull more on it and became angry with religion overall and it’s slander to the Creator of the Universe.

Here’s a humbling observation I made:  If a person walked 5 km/hr for an entire day, for 365 days, for 80 years they would end up walking the distance light travels in 11.68 seconds.  Humbling that the hard work a human does amounts to so little compared to the rules and laws which govern and move the Universe.


~ by aeroslin on May 26, 2007.

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