The Road Less Travelled

I am proud of the life that I have led.  I have made mistakes, burned bridges, self-destructed in so many ways and so many times but I am still standing on both feet with both middle fingers pointed at each and every person that has, is, and will try to screw me over in one way or another.

I have this philosophy of life:  You can’t live your life with the idea that you will only get out of if, what you put into it.  It misleads people to live altrustic lives where the only damage being done is what is being done to yourself, by yourself.  No, you don’t get shit from life but … shit.  If you want from life, you must play the game to win for yourself.  You must take from life what you want and it’s never an easy task but it you know how the game works, it can flow.  We have our bumps and I’m not going to fill my head with the idea that everything happens for a reason.  That’s just a “feel good” thing to say.  Reality is that you take your blows, stand up, brush yourself off and ensure you don’t get hit again.

At the core of me is a problem-solver.  I hate problems that affect me which have no solution.  This lesson was taught to me at a very young age when too many situations happened all around the same time which had a direct, negative influence on me.  I had to learn that sometimes problems are not solvable but must play themselves out with the end result being who knows what.

Right now my life feels like it’s going quite well but I’ve not been disillusioned too badly.  The trouble has arrived in full capacity and I’ve taken my stand in a battle that I have no hope of winning but a battle that is against my core to not fight.  The government is coming for me, monetarily and it’s a deal that I’ve brought on myself in some cases and in others is being driven by greed.

College loans are haunting me for about 10,000 dollars.  A debt that I’ve been reluctant to pay but nonetheless have been paying since January.  Now the State of Michigan wants a piece of that pie and has tried to double-collect on that same debt.  To that, I shove my middle-finger in the air.  I’ve taken care of that debt with the USA government.  Yet it gets better.  The fight that I’ve at least partially won already is paying the greed-driven “Driver Responsibility Fee” which is, in my most thorough analysis, unconsititutional.  I commited a crime, I paid my fines after pleading guilty to a magistrate.  Before I could leave the courthouse the fines had to be paid.  I paid every single penny owed to the courthouse, no less.  Yet now the Department of Treasury believes it’s in their right to charge me again not once, but twice.  If this fee was consititutionally proper, it would have been a part of the fines to be paid at the courthouse.  Not some sneak into your bedroom at night fee that never goes away.  If I’m going to be paying a goddam fine then charge me again for the same crime I already was charged with and make me pay the legal fines involved with it… oh wait, the government can’t do that.

Lets examine something real quick.  The fines you pay when you commit a driving crime such as no proof of insurance and driving on a suspended license are set to be fines which weigh against the crime commited.  This is right and proper in all of America.  You do the crime, you do the time.  There is to not be cruel and unusual punishment as a result.  This means that it was found to be right and proper that if you are caught driving with no proof of insurance, you will pay an 80 dollar fine (I think that’s the fee, might be 160)  Now, there is perfect reason why the fines do not run 480-560 dollars.  That’s because such a fine is considered not reflecting of the crime commited.  Driving on a suspended license is even more hefty of a fine and even jail-time if the officer so chooses to put you there.  Me, I was lucky.  The fine to resolve such a ticket is court time and I believe around 200 dollars.  A hefty fine no doubt which can have long term affects if you are not cooperative and show contempt.  Again, the time and money spent to address this crime has been set to be in balance with what is to be considered “justice served.”  I restate here now, I paid every cent ordered to be spent by the magistrate which was essentially paying the fines resulting from each ticket received (3).

Now, somehow, somewhere in time (not that long ago), a greedy lawmaker was given the task of finding out how the Michigan Department of Treasury could make some extra money to fill its dwindling coffers.  The drivers responsibility fee’s are the result of that task.  Failure to pay these fee’s can result in a whole gamut of actions against you.  One being the suspension of your drivers license.  Because not paying the treasury is bad driving.

My stance towards these fee’s is stubborn and childish but necessary.  I refuse to acknowledge their validity on the basis that they clearly violate the 8th Amendment of the United States Consititution. [Prohibition of excessive bail, as well as cruel and unusual punishment.]  If the Michigan Department of Treasury wants to find me guilty of a crime then they should take me to court.  If they, as they are now threatening to do, steal every cent of my money from the banks in order to pay these illegal fines, I will and I am prepared to, sue the Treasury for their act of intimidation.  I am willing to fight this to the highest court because it’s just flat out wrong.


~ by aeroslin on June 10, 2007.

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