This is boring:  Sitting here in my comfy chair, playing around with Paintshop Pro, actually working on a really kick ass picture and without warning, poof, no power.  It’s about 6am, barely the light of day shining through the windows.  Funny thing about that is that I found my flashlight yesterday and set it in an easy to find place, hanging by the front door.  So I get dressed, grab my book, and head to the Fleetwood Diner.  I have a small bite to eat, BLT and some Mozzarella sticks; read a bit more then head home to a still dark house.
I crawl up to the bed and read a bit, not feeling at all tired.  Grow restless and head to my bike.  It wasn’t raining anymore so I thought I would go find the Consumers Energy trucks and harass them.  I get halfway down the street and it starts pouring rain.
I turn around and head back home, half soaked.  Go inside and sit down in the computer room and the power comes back on.  It’s 7:30am.
Now I shall return to my “painting”

~ by aeroslin on June 19, 2007.

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