Went out shopping for a new set of glasses for my aging head.  I started on Friday, at DeltaVision but they didn’t have a doctor available until Tuesday so I scrapped that idea.  I headed over to the Lansing Mall since that’s where I got my last set of glasses.  I went to Pearl Vision and was quickly introduced to a very nice looking brunette with light-brown eyes.  When it comes to looking in the mirror, especially when there’s other people around watching, it feels strange and conceited.  Add in a very nice looking lady and it’s even stranger but exciting!  I scheduled an appointment for the next day and then had Alisha show me frames.  This is where it gets interesting.  I’m trying on frames and looking in the mirror at them but she wants me to look at her so she hands me more frames and I look at her directly in the eyes and I can see the reactions she has.  The first set she handed me, she kept asking me to try on and every time she gets this huge grin and nod of appreciation.  I tried on the most expensive ones there but she kept going back to this one set of black RayBans comparing all the rest to that set.  I agreed with her though, the black RayBans looked fantastic on me.  I tried on Versache, Chaps, some Titanium frameless sets, and every other brand they had there.  We made some jokes to each other while all the business was going on.  In particular she pointed at a purple set of plastic frames and asked me if I wanted to try them on,  I laughed back at her and said that purple just wasn’t my color.  I definitely like smartass woman. 😉  Of course the logical side of me held true and in the back of my mind I continued to assume that she’s married, engaged, or otherwise taken so I didn’t really allow myself to get to interested.  I just enjoyed that 30 minutes of business.

The next day, 10am, I’m back there and there she is, dressed in black with a low-cut lime-green shirt under a black vest.  Mmm, she smelled yummy to.  I took the moment to observe her rings.  She wore a few rings on her left hand and even one on her thumb but nothing on her ring finger.  She had one ring on her right hand that I can recall that appeared to have a diamond on it.  I wasn’t sure what that all means to I just assumed negatively.  She asked me to have a seat at one of the little desks they had and then pulled out a set of sunglasses.  She tells me that after I had left, she started looking at other frames and found a good set of sunglasses that she thought I might like.  This was a surprise.  She was thinking about me when I was not there?  Ohh, hmmm…  She was spot on about the sunglasses.  When I put them on and looked, I couldn’t help smiling; they looked pretty farking fresh.  After my examination was complete, I went back into the lobby area and we resumed our business.  We chatted while she was filling out my paperwork.  She informed me that all the paperwork was going to take her some time to fill out.  I let her know that wasn’t going to be a problem for me.  At this point she started asking me questions about me and what I did and gave her a bit here and there.  She asked me about what things I did when I wasn’t working and I pretty much told her that I really liked hanging out with my sisters kids.  She’s into golfing and had recently been to the Buick Open with someone but she didn’t actually say who, such as “my boyfriend” or “my husband” she just said “we”.  She was explaining how she got sunburned on that day.  She went over all the charges and options that were available to me via my insurance, got all that in order and I forked over 440 bucks for it all without sweating (though inside I was exclaiming a few F words.)  I had to do it without complaint because she had definitely pushed all my buttons properly.  Lonely Male + Hot Saleswoman = Sucker Loosing Money.

Well, she did inform me that my first set of glasses, the sunglasses, will be in before my regular glasses so I’ll just have to see her a couple more times.  Dammit!  Maybe I’ll grow some balls and say something interesting to her…


I look back on this and have to laugh at my sophomoric attitude.  Yes, the lady was married.  So that ended that interest. Either way, she got me an awesome deal on two sets of RayBans and I like both.  7/25/2007

~ by aeroslin on July 8, 2007.

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