Vacation Summer 2007

I managed to spend a solid 5 days in a rustic campground over here in the northern region of my state.  It was very refreshing.  I took my nephews on a bike ride through some trails and reached a nice clearing and told the boys to just stop and look around and listen.  Tried to instill in them the grandure of nature.  I went out fishing with my sisters boyfriend who didn’t think we’d catch anything where we were at.  He gave up after about 15 minutes.  I stayed out there and caught my yearly average of bass >= 1 about 5 minutes after he left and laughed at him for giving up.  Also typical was how sunbaked I got.  My poor bald head had zero protection and it was too late when I got it.  Oh well.  I just burned the rest of my body to match my red scalp.

I got a huge kick out of canoeing with my niece and her friend.  They got the crash course in how to canoe.  Their incentive was to stay away from the trees and bushes that were full of spiders that overhung the narrow river (Rifle River).  They nearly dumped themselves into the river several times due to standing up and doing little girl stomps and dances in circles in order to clear their arms, hair, shoulders and canoe of real, living, creeping, crawling, spiders.  Couple times they threw their oars out of the boat and we had to retrieve them.  After the first 45 minutes of the 2 hour trip, they were professional canoers.  It’s amazing what happens when you have incentive.

I only fished that one time and didn’t really have an interest in going again after I had caught my ‘at least one fish per year’ quota.  I rode my bike around a bit but not too much.  My seat sucks and hurts my butt after about 30 minutes of riding.

I went swimming for the first time in many years.  The first day was pretty nice and warm out.  I played frisbee with my sister Shannon and the kids.  Swam out to the deep end and just revelled in being a kid in the water.  I tossed Corey around and we were messing around with the bouys, trying to make them sink, or ride them like a horse.  The second day swimming it was actually cooler and more windy but I said screw it and got in the water anyways.  I had some goggles that I had picked up from Marissa’s friend and started exploring the bottom of the lake in the deeper area’s.  That was fun until my arms started to feel like jelly and I got tired.  Over those two days I think I stretched out every single muscle in my body.  It felt good!

I brought my telescope up with me and the super dark skies made watching Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter a real treat.  I’ve never seen Jupiter look so good in that telescope.  I invited everyone to come over to look and everyone was in awe.  Saturn is always a treat for people to see because they can’t actually believe what they are seeing is real.

I brought my acrylic paints and canvases up with me and one day occupied all the boys and Koryn into painting a picture on one of my canvases.  The next day I had Marissa and Christine do the same thing.  I did a little painting as well but haven’t finished it yet.  There’s still a lot for me to learn about painting with acrylics.

By the end it was a bummer to leave and made everyone grumpy.  The thing that is me is that kid inside.  That’s why I like to hang out with my nieces and nephews because it gives me a lease to act like a kid and do kid things like have water balloon fights, wrestle around, have a running race (which I won, thank you very much)

~ by aeroslin on July 9, 2007.

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