My Floating Paradigm

As I have over the case of many years, modified, changed, and adapted my philosophies on life to account for the newest information or self-revelation, my belief in a ‘higher power’ has been pretty constant.

There is a change, however, to the role that I have placed this ‘higher power’ in.  Just as Aristotle proclaimed the importance of moderation in all things, I think it is also fair to apply moderation to the scope of a ‘higher power’.

I strongly believe that Deists and Atheists are similar and can share the argument that the Atheists use that, “I just believe in one less god than you.” just invert the statement.  The statement itself is minor but speaks volumes on just how important this ‘god’ isn’t, when it comes to humanity.  I have come to the conclusion that the ‘higher power’ is amoral and apathetic.  It has no human traits.  Everything that I believe about this higher power is derived from nature, not magic.  I, unlike many, understand that the universe stops for no one.  It is constantly moving, constantly changing from the microscopic to the universal.  At any given moment our sun could just blow up.  At any given moment a monsterous asteroid could smash into the earth and wipe out nearly every living thing that exists now.  That is nature.  Nature doesn’t care about your home when a tornado rips through it.  Nature doesn’t care about anything, it just is and will always be.


~ by aeroslin on July 14, 2007.

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