Bike Trip 2

This was a long trip that was again, unplanned.  Initially I wanted to ride to Hawk Island park and through the park to Scotts Woods.  The last time I tried doing this, the trail was dirt and it was dark and the trail wasn’t very bike friendly.  This time, I passed through Hawk Island and noticed that the trail through Scotts Woods was paved.  It was not paved last year.  I continued through and reached the first bridge which I remember having to pick my bike up the 6in stair.  This time, it was completely paved.  I kept riding and found myself riding across a smaller yet brand new bridge and eventually out of the woods, behind the hospital.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do at this point so I just rode my bike up the street to the north until I hit Mt Hope Street.  I turned east and rode by the Sycamore Driving Range (Which used to be a small golf course but the city decided it was too expensive since it was free.  Now the course is fallow and overgrown and not very pretty.)  I found myself at the intersection of Mt Hope and Aurelius road and thought I would head to Crego Park since the Riverwalk Trail runs through it.  This is where I started thinking that I could get my but out into East Lansing easily on this trail.  So I did so.

It wasn’t long after I hit the trail that I encountered a young doe walking through the swampy area about 40 yards from the trail.  I stopped and watched the deer who really didn’t seem to give a rats-ass that I was there watching it.  It reached it’s long head up and chewed on some leaves off a low hanging branch and continued deeper into the swamp.  I think next time I’ll carry my camera with me just in case.  I hopped back on the bike and continued down the trail.

The funny thing about this part of the trail that I was riding is that it goes underneath some railroad tracks.  A long time ago, myself, my now deceased friend Scott Doerr, and his girlfriend at the time, Brenda, were hanging out up on these railroad tracks.  We ignored the ‘No Tresspassing’ signs and climbed up to the tracks.  To the west we could see what looked to be an old loading station and graffitti that usually exists underneath bridges and whatnot.  Was pretty interesting.  I kicked back here and smoked some pot until a train came by.  Brenda and Scott decided they were going to try to hop on the train since it was only going about 10 mps and easy to grasp.  I hung back.  While they were trying to hop onto the train, one of the cars decided to make a loud pounding sound that shook the ground and scared them both off the train and me down and away from the train.  We left afterwards.  Funny thing to note is that eventually Scott actually did hop onto the train and managed to hobo himself down to Florida and eventually out to California.  Sad thing is that in California he took his life due to the pain from Hepatitis-C he had caught from shooting heroin.  He was kinda retarded like that.

Ok, enough of the reminescing.

I continued down the trail and memory lane and found myself near Kalamazoo Street.  I followed the trail which actually ran right up to the street and converged into the sidewalk down Kzoo street, towards the Breslin Center.  I got to the corner of Harrison Road and Kzoo street and turned north again.  I thought about going into East Lansing city but was drawn instead to the Skateboard Park near Frandor.  So I turned west again towards Frandor and stopped for a few minutes to watch the skaters messing around in the park.

I turned north again and headed into the north side of Frandor to take note of what stores were there (I’d been looking for the hobby store which used to be in Frandor but is gone now).  At this point I took note of just how far away from home I was and how sore my butt was and decided that I could make the trip home but it was going to be rough.

I zoomed back to Crego Park and kept going down the riverwalk trail instead of going where I had originally came from  (there wasn’t any sidewalks that way) so I headed through Potters Park Zoo but had the sun right in my face the whole time so I couldn’t really see much of anything in front of me, even with sunglasses.  I hopped off the trail and rode of the drive-in to the zoo and cross the bridge on Pennsylvania Ave and turned back down the first side-street which again followed the river, just on the other side.  I calculated that the street that I had originally come down after I left Scotts Woods was going to be around somewhere and there was no chance I was going to follow Pennsylvania Ave over that evil bridge.  I followed the road back to Mt Hope and then back to the west again and found the street that led to Scotts Woods.  I scooted down this street and through the trails and back to Hawk Island.  I stopped at the vending machine to get more gatorade and had a seat for a few minutes and watched people.  Feeling relieved, I hopped back on the bike and headed back home.

13 Miles round trip this time and my butt hurts badly (it’s time for a new seat).  My legs havn’t been too sore lately but they might be screaming at me tomorrow morning


~ by aeroslin on July 16, 2007.

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