Neighbor from Hell

Fun times yesterday!

I got a call from my nephews stating that Corey was back from Tennesee.  So I thought I would head over there and hang out with the kids and have some childish fun as usual.

Took my shower, clothed and ready and walked out to the truck.  Everything was fine up to the point where I walked out the door.  When the front door closed and between there and my truck, my neighbor decides to say, “Who is that Bella, Get him Bella.  Go get him!”  Next thing I know there’s a goddam dog charging through my neighbors yard barking at me.  What the fuck?  You goddam bitch what the fuck right do you have to say that kind of shit?  I got in the truck and laid on the horn but sadly the horn in the truck isn’t too loud despite the awesome acoustics between the bitches backyard and my house.

I started the truck and let the adrenaline course through my veins.  I was livid and wanted to hurt someone.  In shock, I drove down the road and got about halfway to my sisters and turned the truck around and headed back.  There was no way in goddam hell I was going to let that bitch off that easy.

I have two cars now.  My Probe is sitting deep in my driveway where the acoustics are the best and just happens to be about 10 feet from where her cunty fat ass sits.  I drove around the block and just as I got in front of my house, I hit the PANIC button for my car and once I hear the horn a honking, I continued on my merry and quite happy way.

Telling your dog to ‘get him’ is no different from pointing a gun and pulling the trigger.  She told the dog to get me and what would be the intentions of ‘get him’ if not to cause bodily harm to me?  What the hell did I do besides walk outside the front door of my house?

I swear to all that is human that if she does it again, I will put a pellet into the eyeball of that dog and if it happens to richochete off the dog and hit her in the eye, then I’d say, ‘Nice Shot!’

I may put up a top-down diagram to show just how it’s all laid out.  I may also notify the police of this because I really will shoot that bitch if she does it again.

~ by aeroslin on July 23, 2007.

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