I sit here in my comfortable chair, staring out of the window.  I see the wonderous green life of trees, grass and various plants; the white picket fence that divides my yard from the neighbor, the old dog house that the cat uses on occasion, the stump of an old but giant silver maple tree that was cut down many years ago and now serves as a cache for the squirrels to hide their walnuts.

I stare mostly at the single, large, green-apple that hangs from my neighbors apple tree.  I’ve watched it from this chair of mine for the last month as it began as a single light green circle among the waving leaves that surround it.  It is now the size of a tennis ball.  I can imagine the taste of it on my tongue, the sweet juices turning pleasantly sour as all good green-apples are known for.  I feel the solid crunch of it’s skin and pulp around my teeth, my cheeks and my tongue as I chew it into easily digestible and tasty bits.  What a treat that nature has given me.

I consider the single apple and wonder where it’s kin are.  I see no other apples on the tree but this one.  How futile of a natural gesture is this?  Then I recall the false spring we had in March.  That falseness led all sorts of fruits and flowers to bear their fruits too early only to have them destroyed by a still wicked winter.  I see now, in full view, the results of that act of natural evil.  I am saddened by it but also understand that it is all a part of the cycle of life and death.  It is a perfect representation of the journey we all have upon the path we walk in life.  It represents our ups and downs, our trials and tribulations and as we continue to persevere we still show that we can produce at least one piece of good fruit.


~ by aeroslin on July 28, 2007.

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