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I was talking to my friends at work last week and we were discussing the varying troubles with determining truth without allowing a previously held conception influence that belief.  (Yeah, this is deep shit for an IT guy and 2 Maintenance guys to be chatting about in a factory.)  We all came to the concensus that it is a difficult task if not almost impossible unless you have zero idea of any previous concepts.

Yeah, that previous paragraph hasn’t much of a bearing on this next one except to introduce my two friends at work who like to talk about cool shit.  So during our conversation, the topic of conspiracy theories came up and one piped in about 9/11 being an inside job.  None of us have a solid opinion on this but acknowledge that there’s a lot to the story yet to be told.  We all agreed that there are glaring problems surrounding the events of that entire day.  We all believe that we saw a plane hitting the second tower.  We all saw the molten metal dripping from the building that didn’t quite make sense.  These ideas, as we discussed them, provoked an interesting concept in my mind.

Many of the news agencies who were reporting the events of that day mentioned just how much the buildings looked like a controlled demolishion.  I don’t think anyone doubts that perception whether it’s factual or not.  The point is that the majority of the viewers began to believe that the attacks were not just hatched from the airplanes but also from the ground via planted bombs.  This prompted the very serious question of how could the US Government or whatever agency that was supposed to be investigating the site, so easily rule out the idea that there were bombs planted inside the building?

I’ve never read the commision report so I don’t know of those bases were covered or not but I’ve never seen this issue raised for or against.  Usually the CT people say that the government planted the bombs which sounds pretty nutty but tying that idea to the people that attacked us, that’s not so far fetched an idea.

What I’m getting at here is the implications that actually the government or some agency therein was indeed involved with planting bombs inside the buildings and decided to take advantage of the emotions of the country to blemish the crimescene.  Yeah, that’s a CT but how illogical is it?


~ by aeroslin on August 5, 2007.

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