Man, I have concluded that the reflection I receive from others is that I am an overly aggressive person.  This isn’t  how I’ve always been, either.  I know the problem is with me and how I handle little problems like dealing with retards.  Give me a big problem with legitimate causes and I will show you a calm and quick minded individual.  Give me the problems that relate to things like getting cut off on the highway or people pulling out in front of you and other things that just plainly defy logical thought and I become irrate.  I really do hate stupid people.  I think that’s the core of my problem with aggression.

The thing is, if death were to be the punishment for stupidity and illogic, I’d be dead pretty quick as well.  I’m not perfect but goddamit, I try to at least not be so fucking stupid and at least a little considerate of those around me.  Of course the consideration that I give to others is never seen, never acknowledged because people are so quick to take advantage of whatever openings they’re given.

I traded my addiction to nicotene for an addiction to rage.


~ by aeroslin on August 24, 2007.

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