DVD Death

So you sit down to start watching a movie that you’ve never seen before.  You’re excited because it’s supposed to be good.

An hour and thirty minutes into the movie you are glued.  The movie is great!  The big climax is coming and you find yourself biting your nails.

Then, as the stage is being set the movie freezes.  Not because it’s a part of the movie but because the DVD is shit.  All the suspense that was built up remains, unreleased.

Can you feel it?  The anger?  The frustration?  I looked at the goddam dvd and there isn’t a scratch on it.  It’s perfect in every way but no matter what the fuck you do, that fucking movie is done.  What am I supposed to do with all this suspence that has just turned into a raging pile of HATE?  Take the dvd back to the store?  Not a goddam chance, bitch.  You fold it in half, twice, then stuff the fucker into the microwave.


~ by aeroslin on August 31, 2007.

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